Rocco Baldelli mad

I Love Seeing Rocco Fired Up

Baseball Twins

If you know me, you know I’m not a big baseball guy. I’m the definition of a bandwagon Twins fan. I enjoy going to games in the beginning of the year when Twins fans are still in the Honeymoon phase. Then I proceed to go dark until September.

But every now and then I catch a game on TV or fall on the floor laughing when I see clips like the one below:

If you want my take on the play itself, I’m going to agree with my friends who are experts and say the whole thing is bullshit. Even if it was the right call I’d say it was bullshit, thats what being a sports fan is all about.

What I really want to talk about is how fired up Rocco is here. People can say everything they want about him and his analytics, however this guy clearly cares. And frankly, my amusement lies outside of the Twins and this specific situation.

Every coach in sports loves to yell at the refs. It happens in literally every sport, for good reason. In baseball it’s normal for a Manager to walk his ass on the field and walk right walk up to the Umpire’s face, and throw an absolute temper tantrum. The best ones end with an ump having to wipe their sunglasses from catching stray spittle during the screaming match.

The Best Meltdown In Sports

My favorite meltdown of them all was Minor League Manager, Phillip Wellman going on the field and playing army for a solid minute and a half. Honestly one of the best moments in sports:

Let’s take a second and imagine if any other coach in sports did this. Imagine if Deano ran on the ice in his dress shoes and just starting spitting all over the place. Or imagine if KOC full sprinted to the End Zone just to scream at a ref. It would be the most comical thing ever.

Managers getting pissed is what keeps baseball unique and interesting. It completely aligns with “America’s pastime”, which is really just bitching and fighting a losing system. Go off Rocco, we have a division to win and playoff games to losešŸ‘‘