The 2023 Twins Baseball Team celebrates winning the division

I Miss Twins Baseball


When it comes to Minnesota sports, everyone here at 10,000 Takes lives and dies by their favorite sports. Mine happens to be baseball.

Most of the time, it causes us all great pain and angst because of their short comings. But we didn’t get that with the Minnesota Twins this year. Despite a Divisional Round exit, I think we can all agree that this year was a success.

They ended a record long drought (6,938 days without a win). They put a complete team on the field that sadly came up just a bit short. Even with that, I don’t think I would be as better off as I am today if not for this team.

The Minnesota Twins celebrating winning the American League Central

Dark Place

I’m not going to bore you or make you feel bad for me. Everyone goes through difficult times. EVERYBODY.

Around the middle of September, I fell into a really dark place in my life. I felt alone, depressed and flat out worthless. I had been sick with a rather extreme and unknown illness since February and my world was pulled out like a rug from underneath me. It was only a matter of time.

I was afraid. It made me seek out help for my mental health. I started seeing a therapist and have since been put on medications to help me get back to feeling okay again. But starting off, even with all these resources, I didn’t feel fine or like myself. The negatives were still on my mind and I had lost interest in doing most things.

Except for the Twins.

Baseball is Therapy

From a young age, I realized how therapeutic baseball was for me. I didn’t think about anything when I played except for what was happening in front of me. Watching it, I feel the same way. Nothing in the world matters at that point in time. I’m sure a lot of people can relate to that.

Thanks to the new pace of play rules, baseball was enjoyable to watch again on television. I personally never had an issue with how the game was played before the changes… but I will admit, this was a good thing. With that being said, I began to watch a lot more games in the starting in September. I had nothing but time with my thoughts, so I wanted to drown them with baseball.

How the Twins played down the stretch until they were eliminated really helped me. They were a terrific team to watch. I became invested in something again and was able to keep busy. Eventually, I wasn’t thinking about all those negative things every second.

I was able to block it out long enough for a baseball game. Why couldn’t I do that all the time then? Silly enough, all it took was to have that mindset.

I still get into funks occasionally, but far less often now. I can honestly say that baseball helped.