I Needed a Bigger Bottle For That Wild Game

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Can we all agree that the NHL refs, for not just this series but all series, have sucked major a$$? I mean come on, it’s been HORRENDOUS! Yeah… I needed a bigger bottle.

With that, you guessed it, we lost. We lost BIG. Game 5 brought pain, suffering and a 4-0 loss to the Dallas Zebras. Wait, Dallas Stars. (Sorry for the rough homecoming Logan aka John Klingberg).

Did the refs screw us? Yes, although this time we screwed ourselves more. Per usual, but tonight’s target was, once again, none other than Marcus Foligno. Not even five minutes into the game Moose was “awarded” a 5-minute major and game misconduct that led to a quick (as in, 8 seconds later) Dallas goal. As the great Seth Toupal stated…

The legend Seth couldn’t be more correct. A start that’ll go down as one of the worst starts in Wild history led to an embarrassing defeat and a do or die situation on Friday.

What Went Wrong???

Everything. Everything went wrong. Did the refs blow chunks? Absolutely. But we also did as well. Where have Kaprizov and Boldy been? Can anyone find them??? It’s like “Where’s Waldo” except our two biggest offensive players!

Holy schnikes it’s a horror movie! Also, can we all agree that our “special teams” may go down as the worst “special teams” in the history of our team? Such a joke.

Now friends, don’t get me wrong. We have an INCREDIBLE team. A team that truly could take us places. But after tonight’s game, I honestly don’t see that happening. At this point, I see us going to game 7 but after that I’m not sure.

What to Expect Come Friday

A loud as EFF St. Paul is what we can expect Friday. This team better take advantage of the extra day off to recalibrate because if they don’t, we are done.



Bye bye.

See ya never.

Donezo Washington.

So yeah, let’s not have that happen.

Friday night. St. Paul. Be ready. BE LOUD. We need all the fans to help this team. Wild fans, we are better than these Dallas fans, no doubt. Stars fans are more focused on making out with their cousin than cheering for their team. Let’s show it Friday night. Shove the goals down their throats and bring game 7 back to Dallas. This franchise is no stranger to 3-2 series comebacks. This series isn’t over.

We’ve got this. Let’s go Wild.