I Sat Down and Named All 11,842 Lakes in Minnesota

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Want to know what normal people do on a Saturday? They go out with their friends, have some drinks, watch some sports, and talk to girls…. Want to know what I did?

My ass sat in a chair, turned on my shitty webcam, and named all LEGALLY RECOGNIZED bodies of water in the state of Minnesota. Yeah, not just any state…. but the land of 10,000 Lakes. And let’s talk about that statement, the same statement that the name of our empire is based off of…. It’s a total lie. I always knew there was more than 10,000 lake…. but you don’t realize how many more there are until you sit down and read off every. single. name.

If you click anywhere near the middle of the video, you will notice that there are HUNDREDS of lakes in Minnesota that don’t have names, they are just assigned a random number like they are fucking mass produced droids from Star Wars….

10K Lake incoming?

We need to get in touch with someone about this. If anyone knows the CEO of lakes, introduce us so I can convince him to let us name one. I think it would be incredible to have a “10K Lake” somewhere in the middle of nowhere. I don’t care if we have to drive 3 hours, a weekend of 10K fans at “10K Lake” is a guaranteed way to boost that small town’s local economy 10 fold. Can you imagine an anniversary 10K party at “10K Lake”? Electric.

lakes in minnesota come in all shapes and sizes

And yes, this was totally self inflicted. Some of you may ask “Jack, why on Earth would you sit down and name all of the lakes in Minnesota? On a fucking Saturday?”

The truth is that I don’t know why I choose to do the shit I do. Maybe it’s for content reasons because I live and breathe the art of entertaining others. Maybe because I’m a total psychopath and need medication ASAP. Both are extremely valid possibilities.

Also, many apologies for butchering well over half 10,000 of the names…