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I Scored a Very Impressive 14 on the Wonderlic Test: My Official Statement

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14. That was my score on the Wonderlic Test. Stating the obvious here, but it’s a real tough look for me. The Chief Editor aka the Blog Master at 10K is also the least intelligent at the company. Yikes. Think this just goes to show that you don’t have to be smart to be in a position of power. Just look at Joey B!! The guy would probably score a 0 judging by what we’ve all seen from him lately.

I’m here to defend myself against the masses and give my side of the story before rumors start floating around that I’m the offspring of Brick Tamland. I will never claim that I am a smart person. With a score that low I have no right to use “Sarge” and “smart” in the same sentence. But I swear I’m smarter than what my score indicates.

I was at a Disadvantage

Listen, I scored a fucking FOURTEEN on the Wonderlic… I’m going to come up with every excuse in the book to defend myself which brings me to my first of many disadvantages. I am a clinically diagnosed dyslexic who can barely read. I honestly think I read at an 8th-grade reading level right now. My worst fear growing up was reading in front of the class in school. In 5th grade in Mr. Baland’s class, I read depot like “de-pot” and everyone laughed. Scarred me for life.

My next disadvantage was that I was unaware that it was a timed test. Now you can say whatever you want about how “this is on me for not knowing it was a timed test” but you can lick my saggy NUT SACK! You probably just found out it was timed too so fuck you dude. The combo of being dyslexic AND having a timed test had me doomed from the start. I was set up for failure.

Now, this next excuse all participants were on the same playing field. We were not allowed to have a calculator, a writing utensil, or paper. Only your brain. Unlike my fellow 10K employees, I do not have a normal-sized brain, mine is slightly larger than a pea. So really, it’s very impressive that I scored a 14 if we’re being honest…

Alright, I’m tired of bitching and complaining. You’re also probably done reading it let’s move on.

It’s Not as Easy as You’d Think

I think my score says it all, I did absolutely 0 preparation for the Wonderlic Test. Went in completely blind which clearly backfired. Now if I were to do it all over again, would I do any sort of prep? Of course not. Are you fucking serious? I vouched to never study for a test ever again after college. I’m a man of his word.

If you haven’t watched the video yet do so now. Great, so as you can see by some of the questions, there was way too much math. That’s fucking BULLSHIT, especially without a calculator. You expect me to rely on my mental math skills? I lost those skills as soon as I could use a calculator in school. There are like 3 people on the planet right now that still have their times’ tables memorized. Everyone uses a calculator.

Let’s See Your Score

Do you think you can do better than me (I bet you will)? Here’s a link to the test that the fellas and I took. Now remember, you have to take the test without a calculator as well as no pen and paper. Straight raw doggin the test as we all did. Here’s a link to see current NFL players’ Wonderlic scores to see how you stack up against the elite.

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