If “You Had One Job” Was A Person, It Would Be This Ball Boy

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You know the saying “You had one job”? Well, if that saying was a person, this Tampa Bay Rays ball boy would be it.

Sometimes ball boys get too much shit. You miss one ball that was fairly difficult to field and you’re an internet meme for a week. There have been several occasions that I have witnessed where a routine grounder or pop fly was missed, but this is arguably the worst.

This ball boy deserves ALL of the shit. The bullpen, rightfully so, immediately went after him. This was an extremely easy play. The ball bounced quite a few times, allowing the ball boy to get a good read on what it was going to do.

A few of the most basic fundamentals got ignored here, ladies and gentlemen:

1. His fielding stance was PATHETIC. His legs were wayyyyyyyy too close together

2. He was not low enough to the ground. Where’s the athletic stance? Make those two adjustments, and he makes that play. It’s crazy that it even went through his legs considering how close they were together. At least knock the ball down!

Where do ball clubs even find these guys? Is there not some form of tryout where players are just ripping rockets at potential ball boys/girls? If not, there certainly needs to be in order to weed out the incompetent ones! In order to have confidence in their ability to do the job, you need to make them show their stuff. Your job is to shag foul balls as well as protect those around them! If you’re not willing to take one off the body in this line of work, then this ain’t for you, sport!

Ball Boy Should Lose His Job!

The Ball Boy should be embarrassed. He needs to lose his job, or go through an 8-week course on how to field ground balls. That sort of play can’t be missed and I hope the Tampa Bay Rays understand that failure on his part could have led to injury for a bullpen pitcher… As I said earlier, that ball was not hit all that hard at them. But, if it catches an unsuspecting pitcher in a bad spot on their body, that could be a trip to the IL! I guarantee that if a pitcher actually got hurt as a result of that bad, bad miss, hands would be thrown.

Shame on you, Ball Boy. You need to be fired… but I think we’d still take you on the 10,000 Takes Softball team so just hit us up.

He needs to be more like these fucking studs.