“I’m Max and I Hate Christmas” and the Wild Suck


Let’s get right to it. Veech hates Christmas and the Minnesota Wild are terrible right now. I know this isn’t the way any of us expected the weekend to start but those are the stone-cold facts.

Is Veech a Real Life Scrooge???

It’s a question that needs to be answered and I think the answer is simply, yes. His hateful Christmas blog bashing the queen of Christmas, Mariah Carey, was hurtful to not only me, but to the MILLIONS that read his blog. Need proof of him hating Christmas? Easy.

Christmas Eve last year (not edited at all)

2023 Halloween Costume – Ebenezer Scrooge

Veech’s First Halloween Costume

The facts are there and I never thought I’d be friends with a Christmas hater. But, here we are.

In Other News, the Wild Suck

What’s worse than Veech hating Christmas??? The Minnesota Wild being absolutely terrible to start the season. They’re so bad they make this “O Holy Night” cover sound like it should be nominated for song of the year at the Grammy Awards.

With a record of 3-5-2 the Wild can’t seem to get anything going. The only player that is playing out of his mind is Marco Rossi which, you guessed it, I called right before the season started. Our best player by a long shot and is TIED WITH CONNOR BEDARD IN GOALS as a rookie. And actually, according to the NHL, he’s actually beating Bedard in total points. Too early to say Chicago screwed up in the draft?

Is There Hope?

For Max? No.

For the Wild? Absolutely. Yes, it’s early and yes, the team sucks right now but we’re only a few weeks into the season. With Spurge POSSIBLY returning this weekend I’m optimistic the team will turn it around. Kaprizov has yet to explode (he will), Boldy JUST returned from an injury (great game the other night) and Gus is off to a slow start (he’ll be okay), everything will be fine.