I’m Officially Worried About The Timberwolves

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Timberwolves Game Winner
Raise your hand if you are worried about the wolves’ season

Let Minnesota have something nice for once.

First off, what a year it’s been for the Timberwolves. We were excited before the season, but even still it has exceeded our expectations. They have a play-in spot secured and a current overall record of 43-34. This season has been more than a bright spot in the Wolves’ history (yes, history not the recent history, we really have been that bad.) But this year feels different than others in the past. The All-Star season by Karl-Anthony Towns is finally backed by their winning record. Anthony Edwards continues to be a human highlight real despite his injury issues. D-Lo has become the player the Wolves thought they were getting when they traded Andrew Wiggins and a 1st round pick to the Warriors that eventually turned into Jonathan Kuminga. The Target Center is packed again and basketball is exciting for the first time in a long time in Minnesota, the playoff play-in tournament is all but set. Us wolves fans should just be happy with how this season has gone…right?

Playoffs?… or Play-in

The Wolves are currently sitting in the 7th seed in the Western Conference. As it stands today, the Timberwolves will enter the play-in tournament with a home game against the LA Clippers. If they were to lose they would end up playing either Pelicans or the Lakers. With how they have been playing over the year there shouldn’t be much to worry about as they sit 6 games ahead of the Clippers and 11.5 games above the Lakers.

Timberwolves vs Clippers

With a roster that’s made up of mostly bench and role players, the Clippers have held their own against the western conference. If the Clippers entered the play-in tournament with a starting lineup highlighted by Reggie Jackson and Marcus Morris there would not be much to worry about. Except they just added a 7-time All-Star, Paul George, back from injury. Along with the threat of former Finals MVP, Kawhi Leonard, returning from injury before the playoffs. Suddenly the one-game playoff looks a little tougher.

Timberwolves vs Lakers

Honestly, the Lakers have been a joke for most of this year. Lebron has been checked out more than I am during a Lecture in college. But, just like the Clippers, they have a MVP caliber player returning in Anthony Davis. By no means do I think they can make a run at the title, but two games in a “win and in” situation? It’s hard to bet against Lebron there, whether you hate him or not.

On the other hand, there is the fact that the Wolves have clowned them on multiple occasions this year. Pat Bev calling Westbrook trash while KAT’s still looking for the airball that Russ sent a country mile over the rim is certainly something the Lakers would remember in this hypothetical play-in game. It could make for an interesting situation in Minnesota if it comes down to that final game..let’s hope not.

Are we really going to miss the playoffs?

No. Enough is enough. The Timberwolves are different this year and we’re going to the playoffs. Hell, we might even win a series. Give me all the smoke. I want Pat Bev and the Wolves clapping in his former team’s face as they walk off the court in defeat. Send Westbrick and Melo into an early retirement all while proving KAT is the best big in the league.


It’s time for Timberwolves basketball to be something other than a laughing stock.

Why not us?

Why not now?

Best believe you will see me in Target Center waving the clippers goodbye as they hang their heads in defeat.