I’m Sarge and I Like to Party

Everything Else

Hello 10K website viewer, my name is Matt Sargent aka Sarge. Instead of providing basic information like my age (31), where I’m from (Lino Lakes), or my guilty pleasure (chain smoking back to back cigs), I’m going to give you a lil taste of who I am via photos/videos on my personal google drive.

In my spare time I enjoy…

Tandem Biking

Cant confirm or deny I was drinking

Playing Bass & Small Guitar

I got funky ass fingers
Freshman year at UMD, might be naked, might not be

Ice Fishing/Not Hard Water Fishing

Top right is my PB 53


My Braemar golf league crew at Midland Hills (Mommy & Daddy’s Country Club)
I’m so fucking proud of this (obviously) and worked my phat ass off to get single digits

Being a Lead Guitarist for a RockBand Band, COViD KiDS

Our 1st of 3 performances
Coolest I’ll ever feel
I have so much back hair it’s insane

Not Being Fat Anymore

If you listen closely, you can hear my sandals’ cry out for help

AUTHOR NOTE: Blog coming in the near future of how I lost over 50lbs covid (brag)

I used to be Amish

The opportunity to start blogging for 10K and deliver ELITE comedic blogs for your pleasure.

I’m signing off with my mantra: If you’re not you, you’re nobody.

Buckle up, I’m bringing the noise…