Introducing You To Max Brosmer, The Gophers Newest QB


Last week the Gopher’s current QB Athan Kaliakmanis, announced his transfer after a horrible season.

Many questions were raised about who would be playing QB next year. It took just a couple of days and let’s just say we went from Jets Zach Wilson to the Texans CJ Stroud.

Introducing Max Brosmer

Who is Max Brosmer you might ask? Max Brosmer is a grad transfer (4-star) from New Hampshire and just came off a huge year leading the FCS in passing yards, while also putting up 29 TDs to only 6 INTS.

An experienced QB is exactly what the Gophers needed and we arguably just got the best QB transfer you could ask for. I don’t want to hear any talks about where he was playing because his stats and film don’t lie. Gopher fans have the right to be excited after having a HORRIBLE QB play the last few seasons. We will return to our 2019 dominating offense and next year when

What To Know

Max Brosmer is a 4-year starter, who started in 2019 but then went through a tough 2 year stretch with COVID and a season-ending injury before the 2021 season. He returned in 2022 and musta had a fire lit under his ass because holy shit he turned into a complete animal.

  • 2022 Stats: 13 games, 3154 Passing Yards, 27 TDs, 8 INTs, with an RTG of 143.1 (2 Rushing TDs)
  • 2023 Stats: 11 games, 3459 Passing Yards, 29 TDs, 6 INTs, with an RTG of 146.2 (5 Rushing TDs)

I don’t wanna hear any excuses or bullshit about how he played for “New Hampshire”… Football is football if playing in the FCS was “so easy” all QBs would put up huge state lines. Max Brosmer is a complete stud and nothing anyone says will tell me any different.

I’ve already seen people saying his stats don’t mean much since he played in the FCS. Guess who else played in the FCS? The 3rd pick in the 2020 draft Trey Lance.

These are Trey Lances’s Stats in the only full year he played for NDSU in 2019.

  • 2019 Stats: 16 games, 2786 Passing Yards, 28 TDs 0 INT (insane).
  • He also did this in the rushing game 1,100 yards, 15 TD.

This isn’t saying Max Brosmer is going to be the third overall pick in the draft one bit. This is just showing that his stats are for real. With the Gophers running attack all we need is a guy who can hit a receiver in stride. If you compare his stats from this year just remember it’s in 5 fewer games played. Words can’t describe how excited I am to watch him under center.

Quincy Avery

Quincy Avery is one of the best QB coaches in the world. He’s trained/training many former and current NFL QB including Jalen Hurts, Justin Fields, and Deshaun Watson. This is what Quincy Avery had to say about Max Brosmer after the news broke last night.

He also called Brosmer “The most talented passer in the portal”.

Time For Some Highlights

Time to throw in some highlight videos of our savior. I can’t wait to watch a QB who is known to be a strong passing QB. Like I said with our ELITE run game, all this offense was missing was a guy who can hit Daniel Jackson in stride. Everything is going to open up so much next year and this is why.

New Hampshire Highlights.

He’s an elite QB who just had to prove himself to get to this point. Don’t blame the teams he was playing like I said because stats don’t lie.

Oh and while I was typing this he got nominated for the Walter Payton Award (FCS Version Of The Heisman). Let’s take a look at some of the big names who have won this award.


More Gopher News

Before the QB news, we got even greater news. Our star freshman RB Darius Taylor announced he was returning to the Gophers.


We then got even better news when our STAR WR Daniel Jackson (and my favorite player on the Gophers) announced his return.



This will be better than the Tanner Morgan to Tyler Johnson connection in the 2019 season. And rumor on the street is the Gophers are actively trying to get more pieces to this offense.

Final Thoughts

If you can’t tell I’m fucking hyped. @jackleverentz and @jj need to find a way to get this man on “It’s A Bit”. The Gophers are SOOOOOO back and every team who is joining or who has been here in the Big 10 West should be afraid.

Welcome home Max Brosmer. I’ll speak for the entire state of Minnesota when we say we couldn’t be more excited for you to be here.

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Welcome Max Brosmer To The Gophers