Is 1 Super Bowl Worth 25 Years of Losing Seasons for Every Team?


Minnesota sports Twitter was raging over this tweet by @SkolBros on Wednesday:

You have to say yes here, no questions asked. Trading a World Series win for only one year of misery as a Vikings fan? That’s armed robbery. Just a type of trade that will get the GM a job for life. I already live in despair as a Vikings fan, what’s one more year going to do?

I mean just think of the parade. Think of the parade, man. I’d burn down Minneapolis if the Twins win a playoff game. Just one. Half of Minnesota wouldn’t be sober for weeks. Not to mention the Vikings could theoretically get Caleb Williams out of the deal? Anyone who wouldn’t agree to that 100 times out of 100 is a damn fool.

This now also got me thinking about how much more sports misery I would endure for a single Super Bowl win.

Is one Vikings Super Bowl worth every Minnesota team having a losing season and missing the playoffs for the next 25 years?

As sad as it is, and as much of a loser as I feel like for saying it, the answer has to be yes here. Without question.

Minnesota sports have been a dumpster fire since before I was born, and they will be a dumpster fire long after I’m gone. The best we can wish for is one fleeting moment of greatness that we can look back on forever.

All we need is one long, beautiful parade all the way from Minneapolis to St. Paul. Just one single banner in the rafters of U.S. Bank Stadium to look up to fondly as we get shitpumped by the Lions for the next quarter-decade. One single week of celebratory binge drinking that we can affectionately tell our cursed grandchildren of one day. That’s all we ask for.

If it causes the Vikings Twins, Wild, & Wolves to be all be disgusting for the next 25 years, so be it.

I need it.