Is It Too Early to Proclaim Brock Faber as the Greatest D-Man in Wild History?


Before we dive deep into this topic, let’s address the elephant in the room: Yes, it’s far too early to even whisper about Brock Faber being the greatest defenseman in Wild history. But while we’re on the subject, it’s undeniable that Faber has become an integral part of the team in a very short time.

Ever since the end of the last season, Brock Faber has shown promise and potential that has not only caught the eye of Wild fans but also caught the attention of hockey enthusiasts everywhere. Last night’s game was yet another testament to his growing influence on the team. The 21-year-old prodigy opened the scoring, laying the foundation for the Wild’s eventual 2-0 win. The energy and precision with which he played set a distinct tone for the rest of the team.

Playing alongside his new partner, Jonas Brodin, Faber showcased his sharp skating skills, especially noticeable given the recent transfer of Dumba to Arizona. Their synergy on the ice hints at a formidable defensive partnership in the making.

While it’s essential to keep in mind that we’re talking about just one game out of a grueling 82-game season, there’s no denying that number 7, Brock Faber, has consistently impressed. The excitement around him isn’t just about this game or this season; it’s about the potential he brings to the table for years to come.

So, while it’s premature to etch Brock Faber’s name in the halls of the Wild’s greatest defensemen, it’s hard to ignore the buzz he’s generating. If he continues on this trajectory, who knows what the future holds? For now, Wild fans can relish the fact that they’ll get to watch this young star evolve, game by game, season by season. And what a thrilling journey that promises to be!