Is It Too Late?

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The only Wild highlight that’s occurred since the All-Star break was Matt Boldy registering his first career NHL fight last night against the Colorado Avalanche. Seriously, it actually happened.


What the hell though. I mean, yeah, we lost one of the top scorers in the league over the off-season but we had so many weapons that were ready to jump in the spotlight. But where have they gone?

Foligno is non-existent. Yeah, he’s hurt right now, but even before that injury he was bringing nothing.

Reavo has been a complete waste of money outside of that first two week period where he gave the boys the juice.

Sam Steel? More like “Where Art Thou Sam”? The list goes on but enough is enough.

With the trade deadline approaching quickly, the Minnesota Wild find themselves out of a playoff spot and for good reason.

The situation the Wild are in reminds me of the scene in Avengers: Endgame where Cap seems to be all by his lonesome against Thanos. Instead, hundreds upon thousands of superheroes join the fight.

This Wild team is left on the ice questioning what’s to come. Will there be a portal with reinforcements opening up soon? And who is stepping through that portal? It seems that we’re now inching closer to the endgame.

Now, I’m probably just being a little extra sour since we lost yet again last night. Also because our 5 on 5 scoring is nonexistent with the exception of, yep, you guessed it, #97. Seriously, outside of Kaprizov the Wild’s offense is literally nonexistent. That cannot happen.

But when does Billy G finally say it’s time for a change? Now? Next week? Wait until the off-season? So many questions remained unanswered but what do I know? Zip.

With our current path, do we become buyers at the deadline or do we throw a massive curve ball and become sellers? Continue to gain traction with the money we have to make deals in the off-season? Who knows! The one thing I do know, however, is the fact that something needs to change and fast.