Is Jerry Kill In Love With PJ Fleck’s First Wife?

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We’re all jacked for college football. Friends, tailgates, football, and good old-fashioned rivalries between schools. And my favorite…opposing coaches ex-wives. I never really thought that our Minnesota Golden Gophers would have a rivalry with the New Mexico State Aggies but here we are I guess. And it’s not even really with the school it’s just with their fuck face coach. He’s an odd guy. The oddest thing about him? Is Jerry Kill In Love With PJ Fleck’s First Wife?

Why Did Jerry Kill Leave?

Was it his health?

It was well noted that he had problems with seizures his last year as the head coach of the gophers, and that’s ALLEGEDLY why he left.

No one could blame a guy for stepping down as the head football coach of a D1 football team in the B1G if you’re afraid you’re gonna have a seizure every time you leave the house. Sounds pretty serious and we thank you for your service coach.

Now wait a minute…

Just a few short years later he takes a job with his old school Southern Illinois. Then takes a coaching job with Virginia Tech. Then TCU, and is now back in a head coaching position with the aforementioned New Mexico State Aggies. Weird. Again, maybe he actually had health problems and needed and break and is ready to come back? Maybe he just hated it here? Maybe he hates PJ Fleck? Does he love PJ Flecks first wife?


Kill has been vocal about his return to his old stomping grounds this week. He’s done a few interviews with local news and he’s to the point of being so petty that he won’t shake PJ Fleck’s hand.

Huh? He starts off all cool and says he doesn’t care about the handshake and this that and the other, but they fired Tracy Claeys so I pretty much hate them. Grow up Jerry. You’re a 61-year-old man for fucks sake. And don’t lie saying you don’t hate PJ Fleck. All you do is talk about how shitty of a coach he is and how much you love his first wife.

SiriusXM’s Big Ten Today via

Is Jerry Kill In Love With PJ Fleck’s First Wife? Does he think about her in the shower? Obviously, because what in the hell does she have to do with anything?! Is he blaming his wife? Is he blaming PJ for having a hot wife and then getting another one? I honestly have no clue and I would love to ask Jerry about it someday. And if bringing up someone’s ex-wife randomly isn’t enough…don’t tell me Kill doesn’t have animosity against Fleck…

KARE 11 interview via

Sounds like he’s talking about a guy he’s really looking forward to shaking hands with. Shut up.


I don’t know what Jerry Kill’s deal is. If he really did have health issues and still does I really hope nothing for the best for him and his family. But it’s just odd how much animosity he seems to have against us. Does Jerry hate the University of Minnesota? Does he hate PJ Fleck? Maybe he loves PJ Fleck’s first wife? Only time will tell with a handshake on Thursday at TC…wait Huntington Bank Stadium.

Gophs will win but I’m taking New Mexico State +36.5 solely because of the Bowling Green game last year. People don’t forget.