Is John Hynes THE Guy?


Last night the Wild experienced their first loss under the new realm of head coach John Hynes. While the first period they dominated, the second period they sucked, and the third they played mediocre, one has to wonder… With (mostly) consistent play being seen by the team, is John Hynes THE guy? 

Record Before Hyno

Before Johnny Boy entered St. Paul the Wild were a pukely 5-10-4 under the man, the myth, the legend, Dean Evason. (It’s still weird that he’s not on the bench coaching the team but whatever, I’ll get over it). 

The team couldn’t get anything going, Deano was calling players out left and right and there were few players that actually seemed to know how to play hockey. It was awful and yes, something needed to change. And then, the crazy happened…

In Comes John

SINCE the firing of the former Wild coach, John Hynes has helped carry the team to an impressive 4-1–0 start where players seem to be reacting well. Zuccarello is playing his best hockey in, well, ever? Kaprizov is still not playing up to his normal pace but seems to be finding some traction, Matt Boldy is all of a sudden unreal again, both goalies are absolute brick walls. The list goes on! Now, is this all because of the coaching change? 100%! The team needed a wakeup call and they sure as hell got one. 

Can They Keep It Up?

That, my friends, is the million-dollar question. Yes, the team is playing some great hockey right now. Hockey that we’re used to seeing even in the cap hell we’re in. But can they keep this going? I mean, it’s only been like a week and a half but to me, I think we can. I think the Wild are going to have a rough go tonight in Edmonton following last night’s 2-0 loss to a red-hot Canucks team but I think they’ll get back to their winning ways come Sunday against Seattle. 

End of Year Prediction?

Another tough question but here’s what I truly think. 

The team got off to a HORRENDOUS start. As previously mentioned, they were 5-10-4 before the firing and yes, while they’re playing great now will it be enough for them to play 100% consistent hockey for the rest of the year and make the playoffs? Look at the sleeper team in the league, Arizona. They weren’t supposed to be terrible by any means this season but I don’t think anyone expected them to be as good as they’re playing, right? It’s kind of like Home Alone 2. No one expected it to be good as a sequel to the first but IT WAS AMAZING! (Personal opinions do matter, never forget that.)

Anyway, what I’m getting at is no one expected the Wild to have the record we do now but here we are. WITH THAT, I think we’ll barely make it into the playoffs with a wild card spot… I think how we play the next month or so will give us a better idea as we get out of the culture change but it’s going to be interesting…