Is the Big Kat finally Back?

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Hopefully so, The Wolves need Kat Badly.

It’s been 44 games since Kat last played in a Timberwolves game this season. The longest stretch of missed games in his 8-year career, after a career year last year. With reports out from the Timberwolves beat, Kat may soon be on his way back. Finally returning to practice for the first time in months, a full return to practice usually means he will be back in a week or two. Let’s hope, with the loss of D’lo via trade. The Timberwolves second-leading scorer, they have leaned on Rudy and Mike Conley to score more which hasn’t led to the best results. A healthy Karl Anthony Towns could take this team to the heights that we were all so excited about this summer after the rudy trade.

The Kat Disrespect is out of control

It amazes me how much Timberwolves and NBA fans have sworn off or forgotten about him and the impact he brings. For the Haters, I get it.

Yes, he whines for calls.

Yes, he tends to get offensive fouls.

But, for fucks sake he was an All-NBA player last year. Voted the Third best center in the league behind the two guys leading the MVP voting at the moment. Not to mention, he’s the Wolves franchise leader in Career 3pts, Points Per Game, and Win Shares. Meaning him on the floor has meant more for the Wolves than…Kevin Garnett. Don’t get me wrong KG accomplished way more than Kat has in a Wolves uniform. But the stats don’t lie. Give them man his respect. Shit, he had a Franchise record 60-point game last year,…beating his own record of 53 the past Wolves franchise record.

His failures, and what’s next?

We all want playoff wins, we all understand that’s what matters most. Last year was the emergence of Kat and Ant and Rudy was signed to help them take it to the next level. The addition of Mike Conley will only lead to more open looks and a better Rudy Gobert. Think about other teams having to guard Kat instead of Kyle “slo-mo” Anderson at the end of games. That creates another 3-point option and opens up space for Ant to drive, it makes everything easier for the Wolves and harder for the Opponents.

If you want Ant to be the true leader and to take over this team. It’s going to come with Town’s help, believe it or not. Ant isn’t winning a playoff series by himself yet, let alone leading this team to a 50-win season. He’s the perfect sidekick for Ant. Kat’s someone you can lean on, but don’t have to run everything through. Let Ant run the show and when they focus on him, you throw it to Kat and let him crush them.

Let’s hope Kat’s back soon and the Wolves are set to take the next step.