Is the Bringer of Rain Washed?

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When we signed JD, Twins fans were hyped. We finally signed a big-name free agent! Well, in true Minnesota fashion, that signing hasn’t really worked out the way we hoped. 

The Twins are stinking it up. One year removed from being a really fun and good team. Now we are putrid. Injuries definitely haven’t helped but that doesn’t excuse other problems that have been present (such as missing on LITERALLY EVERY FREE AGENT PITCHER SIGNING) and Donaldson being washed hasn’t helped either. 

JD has turned it up a bit in the recent KC series, which has been nice. He just hasn’t been the guy we were hoping for when we signed him to that big deal. I know he’s old but we didn’t give him that money to do what’s he’s doing now. 

I liked the signing, I’ll admit. Most people did at the time, he was a big name and a former MVP, something the Twins have never done. They got a big free agent. The main reason he hasn’t been able to live up to his contact has to do with one thing: Injuries

Is the Bringer of Rain in a drought?

He isn’t having a horrible year. He’s hitting .252 with 7 hrs and 22 RBIs. Is he washed? Ehhh I don’t know. I do know he isn’t worth that contract and the Twins need to move on from him. Trade him and get some value in return. We have so many young guys in the system that are the future. With how bad we have been it seems time to move on from him and some of the other veterans. Give the young guys chances and build for the future.

This tweet has sadly summed up his time so far here. On this contract, he needs to be producing a lot more and if we aren’t winning, this contract needs to go. Look at the Wild, a few years ago they seemed stuck. After one season of missing the playoffs and re-tooling their roster, they look like a team with a promising future.

It was a short stint with the “Bringer of Rain”.  He didn’t bring much rain, but it isn’t completely his fault. Injuries have really hampered him. He just isn’t worth that contract, especially at his age. 

Let’s get some stuff in return for him before it’s too late. Even if we are competing again next year, he isn’t moving the needle enough to be that big of a deal to our success. 

We all wish that his time here was better, but shit happens. Especially with Minnesota teams. It’s just time to move on from JD. (Also, I wrote a get rid of Sano blog last time out, and afterward he went off, so if Joshy boy turns it around make sure to thank me.)