Is this the most slept on pizza?

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I love pizza, you all love pizza. It is one of the guarantees in life. Some pizza is rarely talked about so here we discuss THE most slept on pizza. 

You got your pepperoni, sausage, cheese, veggie pizzas. You know, the basics. There are so many more to name but we aren’t here for that. We are here to discuss the most slept on pie, and here it is:

Barbecue Chicken Pizza 

You heard me right, it’s barbecue chicken pizza. Now, this isn’t some insanely crazy type of pizza you haven’t heard of, but it is massively underrated as whole in my opinion.

barbecue chicken pizza

How to get it right

There are a few keys to this pizza that make it elite, if it doesn’t have these things it’s just another average pizza. 


You need a sweet type of barbecue. You don’t want really smoky or dense sauce if you know what I mean. A Hawaiian barbecue sauce or just any that’s a little sweeter than average is step 1 to perfection. 


Having good cheese is also key, but not as important as sauce. For the cheese you obviously want mostly your common mozzarella but you need a liiiiiiiiiiittttle bit of gouda. Am I contradicting myself saying I want a smoky cheese but no smoky sauce? It could be that way BUT this is just from my many BBQ chicken ‘za experiences. 


So this one is quite important I’ve realized. Dominos chicken is what taught me there can be a horrible type of chicken for this. It was almost like that pre sliced, pre cooked chicken, badddd news. We need a good shredded chicken or small cubes and honestly I prefer breasts, hehe breasts, but can’t go wrong with a thigh either in this situation.

WAIT, the best kind of chicken is actually shredded rotisserie chicken.


Crust is probably the least important to me in this situation. As long as it isn’t insanely thick and dense, talking to you CHICAGO, it’s okay to me. Something like a New York style to me works the best or even a bit thinner than that. 

Almost forgot but you need some red onion and cilantro on this bad boy too. The key though to taking it over the top is a great ranch to dip it in, don’t hate until you try.

BOOM that gives you THE most slept on pizza and how to develop the best version of said pizza. Once you try, let me know how right I am.