Is This The Worst Game In NFL Primetime History?


What in the world is this? The Bears and the Panthers. ON PRIMETIME??? Two of the WORST teams in the NFL, and we have to watch them compete because it’s the only NFL game on?

Folks this might be the worst game the NFL has ever put on our screens in primetime television history. We can’t even run with the battle for the #1 pick storyline, because the Bears own both of these first-round picks. Basically, this is equivalent to the toilet bowl in your fantasy football championships every year.

Is all this bitching and moaning going to stop us from watching this game? No. There are only so many games each season, throw some money on it and instantly forget you are watching the worst game in NFL history.

Last week we found out Will Levis is in fact NOT Tom Brady. Here’s how last week went on a night I will definitely be looking to forget.

1. Steelers -2.5 -115 (1U)

This is what I said about this bet last week.

This is one of those bets that you know won’t be pretty, but the Steelers will be the Steelers and get the job done in some way or fashion against the Titans.

MarTy Degraw Last Week.

I mean nailed it right? After the opening drive the Steeler’s offense disappeared, and the defense held it down the entire game. We then got the 4th quarter TD we needed and that’s all she wrote. Was a good bet and unfortunately the only one.

Is Antonio Brown, George Pickens Idol?

2. First Score FG +105 (1.5U) & First Turnover Fumble +155 (1.5U)

It finally happened. 0/2 and it stung. At least we didn’t have no turnover committed, because the INT cashed on the last real scrimmage play after Will Levis threw an INT looking for the win. 0/2 is tough but no doubt it will bounce back.

2B Bonus Bet: Team To Score Longest TD- Titans +105 (1U)

Losing a bet when the longest TD of the game is 10 yards feels wrong. We knew the Titans might not score and they unfortunately had one short TD. The bonus bets moves to 4-1 and will be taking a week off.

3. Chigoziem Okonkwo Over 2.5 Receptions -120 (.75U) & 3.5 Receptions +180 (.5U)

YEAH MARTY LETS THROW .75U ON A -120 BET WHILE THROWING .5 ON +180! We cashed the first one but not the second. Just take the normal line dipshit.

Week 9 Record: 2-4 (-3.1U)

Season Record: 20-25 (+.5U)

Week 10 Preview

Panthers Vs Bears = Worse Game In NFL History?

This week we have the worst teams in the NFL going to battle. The Bears not only have their own pick this year but also have Carolinas after the blockbuster trade last year. Other than competing to get the #1 pick there’s nothing to preview so let’s get into our best bets.

Week 10 Best Bets

1. Bears First Drive = Punt +100 (1U)

This was the definition of a bet that popped off the screen. If that ever happens to you don’t hesitate, just do it. That’s all I have to say until next week when this bet is a winner.

2. First Score FG +110 (1.5U) & First Turnover Fumble +150 (1.5U)

After our first and only 0/2 week, the best bet in football is going to bounce back. Part of me wants to double down on both of these bets but that would not be betting responsibly. This is one of those weeks 1/2 almost seems like a guarantee.

3. Panthers +3.5 -110 (1.5U) & ML +155 (.5U)

This makes a lot of sense when you think about it. Who do the Carolina Panthers want to win this game? Of course themselves. Who do the Chicago Bears want to win this game? The Carolina Panthers. Why? Because of that draft pick. Why would the Bears want to pick up their third win when three wins could easily put you out of the race for the #1 pick? They let the Panthers win, giving them each 2… pray the Cardinals can win a couple with Kyler… and boom they are back to having 1/2. Don’t #EmbraceDebate with me. This is how my brain is thinking of this pick and I’m actually super confident.

Best Of Luck:

It’s hard to get excited coming off a losing week with these two teams playing. A good week this week will put us in a huge spot next week with Thanksgiving looming the week after that.

Can we bounce back on arguably the worst game the NFL has ever put together?

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