Israel Adesanya Says He’s Going to Dance on Sean Stricklands Grave at UFC 293. True or False?


The UFC heads to Sydney, Australia and as with any event overseas, fireworks are expected. Israel Adesanya is looking to dance on another grave and will have every opportunity to try against the bad man himself, Sean Strickland.

Video From UFC 276 Press Conference In July 2022.

The last time I posted a blog it was UFC 289 and things did not go as planned. We gave ourselves a break but are officially back. Here’s my preview + bets for UFC 293.

UFC 293 PPV Card

First My UNDERDOG Plays

As I am doing on all my TNF Blogs, I will also be giving my Underdog Entries of the week. Unfamiliar with Underdog? It’s a Fantasy sports company that gives you the ability to choose higher or lower on players’ stats along with other options.

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Here Is My UFC Underdog Entry of the Week.

UFC 293: Israel Adesanya Vs Sean Strickland

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Betting Preview

(All Odds Below Via Bovada)

Match 5: Tyson Pedro (-105) VS Anton Turkalj (-115)

Truth be told I have no idea who the hell these fighters are. Turkalj made some sense because he was semi-new to the UFC heading into these fights with a 0-2 UFC record. Tyson Pedro is where I start to question how big of a fan I actually am because he’s been around since 2016 (9-4). Everything in my brain says take Pedro coming off a win, which means I’m backing Turkalj here. When in doubt fade yourself!

Preview: 0 knowledge play, think it goes the distance with Anton Turkalj pulling out the win.

Best Bet: Anton Turkalj -115

Match 4: Justin Tafa (-218) vs. Austen Lane (+178)

Justin Tafa & Austen Lane face off again after this first-round no-contest stoppage in June.

Nasty Eye Poke

Just a short two and a half months later they step back into the ring looking to finish what they started. Justin Tafa finds himself as the 2/1 favorite after a first-round knockout against Parker Porter. Overall, he finds himself 6-3 but is on a two-fight win streak.

Standing across from him is former NFL player Austen Lane. Lane has a professional fighting record of 12-3 but only the NC this past June on his UFC track record. The former defensive lineman stands at 6’5 (5inch height advantage) and also holds a whopping 80-inch reach (6inch advantage).

Preview: I’m actually taking the underdog here and backing the former NFL player. This fight is NOT expected to last long with the first-round odds of completion set at +105. The fight to go the distance is set at +340…. the big boys are coming to FIGHT! Austen Lane by first-round KO (+450). Book it.

Best Bet: Austen Lane +178

Match 3: Manel Kape (-400) Vs Felipe Dos Santos (+300)

Manel “StarBoy” Kape (18-6) steps into the ring against Felipe Dos Santos (7-0).

Felipe Dos Santos is taking the fight on short notice after Kai Kara-France was forced to withdraw after suffering a concussion in training. Frustration was clear for Kape as this was his 5th fight canceled in the last two years due to fighters withdrawing.

Kape has been as scary as they come over the past few years but faces a tough up and coming opponent looking to leave a name for himself. The only real background I have on him is he’s Brazilian and trains with Charles Oliveria. That itself should tell you this is no easy test for the #10 Flyweight. Oh yeah and this Dos-Santos kid is actually a kid, he’s a fighting young age of 22.


This fight is actually twisting my hair a bit. Manel Kape has been waiting and waiting for his top-5 contenders to fight to prove he deserves a chance @ the belt. On the other hand, we have no idea what his opponents will bring to the UFC card and honestly, those Brazilians are pretty damn good at MMA.

Best Bet: In a fight like this I’m looking at the round props. Taking the fight to go the distance @ +175

Co-Main Event: Tai Tuivasa (+200) Vs Alexander Volkov (-250)

So, you’re telling me Tai Tuivasa, THE AUSTRALIAN HIMSELF, is a 2/1 UNDERDOG??? Now look, I understand he’s on a two-fight losing streak (losing both via KO 1st round) and yes, he’s facing UFC vet Alexander Volkov (36-10) who finds himself on a two-fight first-round KO streak but come on now. You think I’m gonna bet against a man doing this while he is fighting in his home country?

Signature SHOEY After A Win

Take a look at his finishes, will he add another one this weekend?

Preview: The outcome of the fight isn’t the question I have. It’s how long this fight will go for that I can’t figure out. We know how quickly their recent fights have gone, so, under 1.5 rounds is staring me in the eyes.

Best Bet: Tai Tuivasa +200, Fight Under 1.5 Rounds -115

Main Event: Israel Adesanya (-650) vs. Sean Strickland (+460)

Israel Adesanya (26-2) looks to dance on another grave after the biggest KO of his career this past April.

He then followed it up with a signature celebration. Will he be able to repeat the celebration this weekend if he delivers another KO blow?

The bad blood has been brewing between these two opponents for years. Both are not shy to run their mouth and don’t expect it to stop long after the outcome of this fight. The odds show that Izzy is heavily favored in this fight, which will only give a man like Sean Strickland more motivation to do what he does best… Piss people off.

Just your typical Sean Strickland interview

I mean just listen to this interview. This happens every time he opens his mouth and here’s a prime example why his fights always sell. He really really is not a fan of Izzy or what he does.

Sean Strickland With Strong Words About “Cringe Lord” Izzy.

According to Israel Adesanya, Sean is going to get all his wishes on Saturday when the fight happens. Israel Adesanya responded with this about his plans for the fight.

Will He Get His Wish?

If you can’t tell I’m excited for this fight based on all this build-up. Both of these fighters will not spare words at the weigh-ins/press conferences in the next couple of days. Israel Adesanyna is always as confident as can be. Will Sean Strickland be able to prove he’s the best fighter in this middleweight division?

Preview: SHIT TALKING is guaranteed and a great main event is also guaranteed. A KO could happen at any moment but Izzy is one of the smartest fighters and could easily take this to a decision win.

Best Bet: Fight To Go Distance +110

UFC 293 Bet Card:

  • Anton Turkalj -115 (1U)
  • Austen Lane +178 (1U)
  • Fight To Go Distance In Kape/Santos +175 (1U)
  • Tai Tuivasa +200 (1U)
  • Under 1.5 Rounds In Tuivasa/Volkov -115 (1U)
  • Fight To Go Distance In Adesanya/Strickland +110 (1U)

Love the fights but not many fight bets on the slip this week. I’ve had a birthday since my last UFC post which every gambler knows means their record is 0-0. Will I have a successful UFC betting year? Find out this Saturday, only on ESPN+ PPV.