It’s A Spooky Feeling

NHL Wild

It’s a spooky feeling throughout the state of hockey as the Minnesota Wild dropped their 3rd straight game to the Colorado Melted Ice Sculptures 6-3.

Not many people know this but I fricken love horror movies. Absolutely love them. Now my wife? She hates them. But! She allows me the month of October to have complete ownership of the remote as she knows it brings me joy. Whether it’s the classic Scream, Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, Conjuring, etc., I love the thrill. 

These cinematic horrors all contain more than one movie which, not all of them, tend to get worse and worse as they go. This reminds me much of the Minnesota Wild this season. Three games, a trilogy, that have gotten worse, and worse, and worse. Now, it’s not the entire team. Yeah, players have been underperforming where others have excelled but let’s have our main focus be on the goaltending.

Quick rant, why after only 21 shifts would they sit Rossi? Why? Okay back to the article.

For the purpose of this article’s theme, let’s tag the goaltending as the antagonist in the movie. It’s Bathsheba, Michael Myers, Freddy Krueger, Annabelle, you get the point. 

Here’s a spooky fact! Did you know that the Minnesota Wild are the first team to give up 20 goals in their first 3 games since 1989-1990? Cool, right? With that, let’s look at the stats for our two goalies: 

  • Marc Andre Fleury (Bathsheba because she’s a witch and is older like Fleury): 8.37 GAA in two games
  • Filip Gustavsson (Michael Meyers because I said so): 5.06 GAA in two games (started 1)

Bathsheba is playing horrible, as is Michael, but is it too early to throw the white flag? We can all agree on one thing though, something needs to change. (Can Kaprizov play goalie?)

Friends, this is as horrifying as it gets. Seriously, it’s leave a nice brown streaker in your buttcrack scary. Thankfully! This is the part of the movie where we’re first introduced to the monster. SO, if we stay the course, very soon our team will start to put together the clues and find a solution to the problem. Like in the Conjuring, the family was struggling with a demonic presence that brought in demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren. They were the solution. Came in to find the problem, addressed the problem, fixed the issue, and everyone lived happily ever after. 

If my horror movie logic is correct, the Minnesota Wild have found the problem, goaltending. Now they need to address the issue, fix the problem, and make a run for the cup. 

It’s easier said than done, right? Well, we’ll have to see come Thursday night when we host the Vancouver Hortons. Who’s in goal and will that player finally turn the tide?