The Wild lost, and I’m still sad.

It’s Been 10 Days Since the Wild Lost, and I’m Still Sad

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As I write this, I’m on my 4th bowl of ice cream (of the morning), the tissues are in a mountain next to me, and my tear ducts are wetter than the ice on my ODR the first 50 degree day of the season. I don’t know what to do with myself. Should I keep watching the playoffs? Should I watch Wild hockey ever again? My life over the last 10 days is basically the equivalent of the Twins’ playoff drought. Just sad. So what do you do when you have nothing else? Yep, scroll Facebook.

That’s exactly what I did, and I might’ve found the answer to all the sadness. At least for the moment. Somebody posted this video of Nic Deslauriers physically and verbally abusing the St. Louis Blues.

Video from @1929hockey_ and the Minnesota Wild’s video team

This video sums up the entire Wild fanbase right now. It has everything you could ask for.

1. Hate for the St. Louis Blues

Maybe, ”I have 4 games to ****** kill you,” is a wee bit aggressive out of our boy Nic here. I’m sure something along the lines of ”You’re a bender, nerd.” would’ve worked. However, the hatred for the Blues is fully there, and we’re here for it. Nothing’s made me more happy than the Avalanche scoring 4 goals against them in 4 minutes, 53 seconds yesterday. I know that’s petty but whatever.

2. Examples of the Wild Culture

By the way, that video from above? That was Deslauriers’ legit 10th career game for the Minnesota Wild. Now that’s a family atmosphere. The guy charged all the way across the ice, fought someone, and threatened him. All of that for another guy he’s known for less than 2 weeks. Both his opponent and his teammate are basically strangers at this point. You can’t teach that culture and loyalty.

3. One Last View of Wild Hockey

The video below holds something none of us have right now. The sounds of slap-shots, ice shredding, and grown adults annoying each other. Not a better way to watch the 2021-2022 Wild one last time. Well except for this of course…