It’s Now or Never

Baseball Twins

Riding a three game win streak while trailing the Cleveland Guardians by four games in the AL Central race, it’s now or never for the Minnesota Twins. 

The ballclub from Minnesota arrives in Cleveland for 5 games where they have the chance to reclaim the top spot in the division and the biggest question is, will they?

It seems as of late that the pitching (with the exception of Rocco continuing the “no no-hitter at Target Field our pitchers shouldn’t have fun” streak… sorry Joe Ryan…) and hitting is finally starting to click for the team as Carlos Correa is continuing to provide the numbers we’ve been waiting for all season. But did all of this come a little too late?

Last week the Guardians visited Minneapolis for what many thought would be a back and forth series, however, that was not the case. Instead, they came in and swept the division right out from underneath the Twins. 

Will the Minnesota team return to glory and take the series and run away with the division? Or will they choke like they usually do?