It’s Time to Bring Back the White Homer Hanky

Baseball Twins

In the murky world of baseball fandom, the smallest, quirkiest things often become the most cherished. For the Minnesota Twins, one such icon is the Homer Hanky, a seemingly innocuous piece of cloth that once turned the Metrodome into a whirlpool of hope, despair, and unfiltered exuberance. But why, one might wonder, would we consider returning to the era of white Hankies when the team is currently waving the red ones with such fervor? The answer, my friends, is a tale that intertwines nostalgia, symbolism, and an unquenchable thirst for the bygone era.

Embrace the Nostalgia

Nostalgia is a beguiling temptress, an enchantress who seduces us with memories of yesteryears. The white Homer Hankies evokes the heady days of 1987 and 1991, when the Twins clinched World Series victories that resonate through the annals of baseball history. Bringing back the white Hankies is like reviving a beloved character from an old novel, allowing us to revisit the past while staying grounded in the present.

Embrace the Tradition

In a world constantly evolving, where innovation and progress often trump tradition, it’s vital to remember that baseball, at its core, is a sport steeped in tradition. The white Hankies are an ode to an era when the Metrodome was the heartbeat of Minnesota baseball. It’s a reminder that while our surroundings may change, the spirit of the game remains timeless.

Relive the Glory Days

The white Homer Hankies era was synonymous with the Twins’ golden age of success. It’s more than just a coincidence; it’s a testament to the psychological impact these innocuous pieces of cloth had on our players. They became talismans of victory, imbued with the belief that anything was possible.

Fan Engagement and Atmosphere

The return of the white Hankies wouldn’t just be a nostalgic gesture; it would be a revival of the electric atmosphere that once permeated the Metrodome. It would rekindle the fervor of fans and make the stadium come alive, transforming it into a cauldron of passion and excitement.


In the world of baseball, every team strives to stand out. The white Homer Hankies were a unique symbol of our team’s spirit and resilience. While red may be the color of passion, the white Hankies were the canvas upon which our hopes and dreams were painted. They set us apart, making us instantly recognizable as Twins fans.

But most importantly, they just looked better and stood out more

Back in my day, you could tell when fans were waving the homer hanky. These new red ones? They’re nice and look great in person, but they don’t stand out on TV nearly the same way. There’s no sea of hankies blanketing the entire crowd; instead, the red just blends in. The old hanky was instantly recognizable. It’s a classic that only needed an updated year.

The call to bring back the white Homer Hankies is more than just a longing for the past. It’s a recognition of the enduring power of symbolism, tradition, and unity in the world of baseball. The red Hankies may symbolize passion, but the white ones they symbolize the undying hope that defines us as fans. So, let’s embrace our past as we step into the future and wave those white Hankies high, knowing that, in their folds, lies the promise of victory and the spirit of baseball’s enduring magic.

But here’s the kicker. Even though I would love to see the Homer Hanky return to its white color, it can’t. The MLB banned it.

“In 2016, MLB added a rule (aptly nicknamed the “Homer Hanky Rule”) specifying that “in-stadium rally towels” could no longer be white because it can make it difficult for the batter to see the ball.” 

Melissa Berman, Twins Daily Online

First, our pine trees, and now our white Homer Hanky. So, embrace the red hanky because it’s not going anywhere. Go Twins!

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