Week 8 Verified Winners

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It’s week 8 of the NFL Season and what a glorious Sunday it is to win some cash. Whatever your Sunday routine is I’m glad this is a part of it. For me, I wake up early and go to the gym (humble brag). After the gym I take my dog to the park with my brother and sometimes friends and we kick field goals and chuck the pigskin around until 10:30 or so. Once it gets to about 10:30 it’s time to lock in for the NFL Sunday. Get my bets in, set my lineup, make sure the food spread is ready. This week I invited Matt Mead from Vikes Verified . Matt and his crew run the best Vikings podcast and content available, definitely worth checking them out!

Dolphins +14 @ Bills -14

My pick: Bills

Confidence level: B

The Dolphins are a very bad team and Josh Allen owns them. Bills are coming off a bye and this has a recipe for a blowout.

Panthers +3 @ Falcons -3

My Pick: Panthers

Confidence level: C-

The Panthers have been horrible lately but the Falcons love to keep games close. Law of average says the Panthers sneak away with a win?

Eagles -3.5 @ Lions +3.5

My pick: Lions

Confidence level: B+

I think the Lions win this one outright. The Eagles are not a very good football team and the Lions play hard. Go with +3.5 and sprinkle some ML.

Titans +2 @ Colts -2

My pick: Colts

Confidence level: C+

What should be a very tight divisional game of the only two teams relevant in the AFCS, I like the Colts at home.

Rams -14.5 @ Texans +14.5

My pick: Rams

Confidence level: B+

It’s simple science, always bet against the Texans.

Bengals -10.5 @ Jets +10.5

My pick: Bengals

Confidence level: A

The Bengals are the number 1 seed in the AFC as of now. The Jets are starting something called Mike White. Gross.

Steelers +3.5 @ Browns -3.5

My pick: Browns

Confidence level: B

I am not a Big Ben believer (anymore). The Browns at home are tough and should provide a tough environment.

49ers -4 @ Bears +4

My pick: 49ers

Confidence level: B

The Bears stink, Justin Fields doesn’t look good right now, and the Niners are a better coached team.

Jaguars +3.5 @ Seahawks -3.5

My pick: Jaguars

Confidence level: C

This is a very gross game. 2 bad teams. Jaguars are traveling as far as they possibly can (in America). But off a bye and Seattle stinks.


Patriots +4.5 @ Chargers -4.5

Matt’s pick: Chargers

Confidence level: A

Love love love the Chargers in this one. Even if Eckeler is out they should be able to whoop the Chargers. New England has to travel cross country and the Chargers are way more talented.

Football Team +3 @ Broncos -3

My pick: Football Team

Confidence level: B-

Game could probably be a pick ‘em. Both teams suck so give me the team that has a few extra points in the bank.

Bucs -4.5 @ Saints +4.5

My pick: Bucs

Confidence level: A

The Bucs should be able to throttle the Saints here. Always bet on Tom Brady.

Cowboys +2 @ Vikings -2


Vikes verified Pick: Vikings

Confidence level: B+

With Dak either immobile or not playing and the Vikings at the bank, in prime time, Skol baby!

Giants +10.5 @ Chiefs -10.5

My pick: Giants

Confidence level: C+

I refuse to bet on the Chiefs.

Plohasz Parlay







This parlay is as easy as it gets. +253 and they are all certified locks

ATS: 53-48-1

Plohasz Parlay: -6 units 

Celebrity Picker: 2-0-1

Having fun: 7-0