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Before we start I have to get something off my chest… I think it’s bizarre that people put up Christmas decorations the first week of November. I’ll probably get slammed for this take but c’mon, it’s not even Thanksgiving yet. I got my haircut Saturday and they were playing Christmas music. Like what are we doing?! Anyways let’s get back to gambling. Last week was BRUTAL. I absolutely got my ass wiped. I’ll be the first to raise my hand and admits it was not a good week. But, the Sun has risen on another NFL Sunday. It’s a new day, new week, new picks. This week I’m joined by gambling expert, the incredible Kailey Mihalik. She has a mortal lock for all of us. pitter patter lets get at er.

Falcons +6 @ Saints -6

My pick: Saints

Confidence Level: B-

The Saints are an elevator team, you never know which team will show up. Always up and down. Sometimes they are great (and beat the the Bucs) and sometimes they are ass (and almost lose to Geno Smith). It’s more betting against the Falcons than it is on the Saints.

Bills -14.5 @ Jaguars +14.5

My pick: Bills

Confidence Level: B

Don’t get cute with it. The Bills area better Football team by more than 14 points. They’ve shown they will blow teams out too and not let up on the gas.

Browns +2.5 @ Bengals -2.5

My pick: Bengals

Confidence Level: B

I ultimately believe the Browns are better without OBJ. I also believe the Bengals at home against a banged up Browns team are 3 or more points better than the Browns.

Broncos +10 @ Cowboys -10

My pick: Cowboys

Confidence Level: B

Another “Don’t get cute with it” game. The Cowboys have covered in every game this year and if this is their first one they don’t then oh well. The Broncos stink.

Texans +5.5 @ Dolphins -5.5

My pick: Texans

Confidence Level: B+

With Tyrod back and Tua banged up and not good to start with I’m rattled why the Dolphins are a 5.5 favorite. Neither team is good but I think the Texans with Tyrod are better than a 5.5 dawg.

Raiders -3.5 @ Giants +3.5

My pick: Giants

Confidence Level: C

This Raiders season has more drama than Keeping up with the Kardashians. (I’ve never seen that show once for the record). Traveling cross country against a tough Giants team should be difficult to try and win by 4+.

Vikings +6 @ Ravens -6

My pick: Vikings

Confidence Level: B-

The Vikings play in close games, they just do. They always play the Ravens to a crazy game as well. This should be another one. *Bonus* Vikings are wearing white on white. EZ cover!


Patriots -3.5 @ Panthers +3.5

My pick: Patriots

Confidence Level: A

“The Patriots are coming off an impressive win against the Chargers and if they take care of business they should be able to cover against the Panthers. Sam Darnold is banged up after getting a concussion in the game last week so if he gets the start I think the Patriots will be making him see ghosts again.”

-Kailey Mihalik

Chargers -1.5 @ Eagles +1.5

My pick: Chargers

Confidence Level: A

This is my personal mortal lock of the day… The Chargers get back on track and crush Philly.

Cardinals +3 @ 49ers -3

My pick: Niners

Confidence Level: C-

With Kyler very questionable I hate this game and am staying away from it. If, and a big IF, Kyler does play. I could see him reaggravating it mid game. I think Kyle Shannahan should win at home.

Packers +7 @ Chiefs -7

My pick: Chiefs

Confidence Level: C+

I feel silly betting on the Chiefs again and against the Packers. The stupid Packers will probably find a way to fricken win somehow. But you have to bet against a QB making his debut at Arrowhead against Mahomes… right? It is daylight savings time though… and you know what that means.

Titans +7 @ Rams -7

My pick: Rams

Confidence Level: B+

This one probably isn’t going to be a single digit game. The Rams are going to CLOWN the King Henry-less Titans.

Bears +6.5 @ Steelers -6.5

My pick: Bears

Confidence Level: C-

I’m less concerned about who to bet this game and more concerned why the NFL has this game on Monday Night Football? WTF?

ATS: 56- 59-1

Plohasz Parlay: -7 units

Celebrity Picker: 2-1-1

Having fun: 8-0