I’ve Seen Ghosts and Here’s Proof

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The world is full of mysteries, some beautiful and some absolutely terrifying. Having traveled to numerous locations, I’ve had my fair share of eerie encounters that would send chills down anyone’s spine. With Halloween only a month away, I thought I’d switch things up and introduce you all to the scariest places I’ve visited:

Salem, Massachusetts – A City of Witches and Whispers

Stepping into Salem feels like stepping into a history book of dark tales. This is the city where the infamous Salem Witch Trials took place in 1692. The air is thick with stories of innocent lives taken away, of fear and of superstitions. One evening, my friends and I had the opportunity to join the Haunted Footsteps Ghost Tours & Salem Historical Tours. As we wandered the old cobblestone streets, every corner seemed to echo with the whispers of those unjustly accused. But what truly freaked me out was a picture I took during the tour at Allison’s house from Hocus Pocus. To the naked eye, the scene looked mundane but upon closer inspection, a figure appeared in the frame – a figure that wasn’t there when I took the shot. This haunting image is now featured on the tour Facebook.

Florence, Italy – Echoes from the Shadows

Florence, with its rich art and culture, also hides a haunting past. Our night-time ghost tour of the city unveiled tales of tragic love, revenge and unsolved mysteries. Walking under the dim lights of the ancient streets, every statue seemed to be watching and every echo sounded like a whisper from the past. The city’s beauty by day transforms into an eerie, spectral world by night, making it an unforgettable and chilling experience.

Paris, France – Beneath the City of Lights

Paris is renowned for its romance but beneath its streets lies a chilling secret – the Paris Catacombs. Here, the remains of over six million people are neatly stacked and arranged in a labyrinth of tunnels. Venturing into the catacombs, I felt an oppressive sensation, as though thousands of eyes were upon me, watching my every move. The chilling silence, broken only by our footsteps, made me constantly glance over my shoulder, half expecting to see a specter in pursuit.

Stillwater, Minnesota – A Night to Remember

Stillwater carries its own set of eerie tales. I visited this charming city with my now wife to celebrate our engagement. We decided to stay at the Crosby Hotel, drawn by its historic allure. Little did we know, our night there would be anything but peaceful. In the dead of the night, we were jolted awake by the unmistakable sound of two women conversing in our living room. Frozen in fear, we listened as their chatter continued for what seemed like hours before our TV spontaneously turned on by itself. The voices then vanished, only to return minutes later. It was, without a doubt, the scariest night of our lives, making our engagement trip one we’d never forget.

New Orleans, Louisiana – Spirits in Every Corner

New Orleans, with its vibrant culture and music, also bears a haunting history. The city teems with voodoo tales, hauntings and restless spirits. During our visit, I embarked on a haunted pub crawl, visiting some of the oldest and eeriest establishments. But it was in one such area that I captured the most disturbing photo I’ve ever taken – an image so freaky, it still sends shivers down my spine.

Visiting these places has been a thrilling journey, blending history, mystery and the inexplicable. While some may dismiss these experiences, for those of us who’ve felt something wasn’t right, these places are reminders that there’s more than meets the eye.