Jackson Hallum: Econ class to the NHL

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  It’s been made clear that professional sports teams in MN absolutely love to just keep shitting on their fans. To make up for the joy that I have been drained of as a Minnesota professional sports fan, I’m forced to cling to Minnesota’s high school and college athletes and ride off their success to get what little joy that I can from sports in this beautiful, yet unforgiving state. I will be highlighting athletes from this great state for the greatest blog to ever fucking do it, 10,000 Takes. Now, let’s talk about Jackson Hallum.

Jackson Hallum: Econ class to the NHL

Early this October senior Jackson Hallum of Saint Thomas Academy was drafted by the Vegas Golden Knights as the 91st overall pick in the NHL draft. The Vegas Knights tweeted out that Hallum may have been the first player drafted in the NHL “while walking to economics class”.

This was true, Hallum was walking into his high school economics class while he got the news, but who the hell really needs economics when you’re that nasty at putting the puck in the net? Hallum was told before the draft that he could be drafted by Ottawa, Toronto, Winnipeg, Tampa, and a few other teams, I can’t imagine the anxiety he had waiting to find out where he’d be playing pro puck.

Less than a minute after being drafted the Dean of Saint Thomas Academy announced the news over the loudspeakers which “got the boys rowdy” as Hallum jokingly put it. From here Hallum says he will likely play a year in juniors before going to the University of Michigan, where he committed this past September.

What’s Next for Jackson Hallum?

Vegas will have Hallum’s rights for the next 5 years and then he is a free agent. Hallum also wants to win the tourney for STA this year, assuming they can make it through a full season, which is up in the air due to the Covid-19 Pandemic.

“We lost some guys on D last year but overall we are ready to fill the spots, get out there, and win the tourney”

Hallum on if he believes STA can win the State Tournament

Hopefully, we can see yet another Minnesotan in the NHL representing the country’s best state, even if he’s not playing for the country’s best state. It’s always nice to see one of our own succeed.

Admittedly, Hallum playing for Michigan will make it harder to cheer for him as a Minnesotan. I never have been much of a Michigan fan, but I’ll chase just about anything in sports that gives me even the smallest feeling of success these days, like the feeling that I get when Kirk Cousins completes 2 passes in a row.