Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury

Jake Paul Will Be Put To Sleep By Tommy Fury

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Finally. Jake Paul, after 6 fights, is facing a real boxer. His “I’m a boxer” stint is about to punch him square in the face. Literally. Thus far he has fought an NBA midget, a portly UFC fighter, Tyron Woodley (respect), and a 1,000-year-old Anderson Silva. See something missing here? Not one of his opponents has been considered a boxer. Until now…

Tommy Fury has the opportunity to correct the narrative that Jake Paul is a legitimate boxer. Far too long has Paul been running his mouth and he’s about to have his jaw wired shut. Like the majority of you, I can’t fucking stand the guy. If you were to google “total douchebag” there would only be pictures of Jake Paul.

I’m baffled at how many people seem to think that he’s a good boxer. If you’re one of those people, as Floyd Mayweather said, “you don’t know shit about boxin'”. He’s not. That doesn’t mean he can’t be, just not at this point in his career.

Alright, I’ve talked enough shit about the so-called “Problem Child” (actually a fucking sick nickname) he deserves some praise.

Jake Paul is GREAT for boxing

It PAINS me to say this, in all seriousness, Jake Paul is great for boxing. Scratch that, he’s exactly what boxing needs right now and has needed. He has brought a dying sport back into the limelight in a way. There’s no denying that Paul moves the needle and I fucking despise him yet I can’t look away. Anything he’s involved in attracts millions of views which boxing has needed desperately.

Exhibit A: 6.3 mill as of writing this

You just have to tip your hat to the guy, he’s a marketing and content genius. He brings a WWE wrestling heel personality to boxing and it works to perfection. There’s a reason why this fight is being marketed as Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury instead of Tommy Fury vs Jake Paul.

The last nice thing I’m going to say about him is that he has improved in every fight. He deserves a lot of credit for taking his training seriously and I believe that he wants to be a world champion someday. But he is higher than a kite if he thinks that’s going to happen.

Side-by-side comparison


Disclaimer: I have actual amateur boxing experience and consider myself well-versed in the sport. AKA I know what I’m talking about and what I’m looking at.

Speed: Advantage Fury. Assuming you watched the videos above, Fury is considerably faster. It’s really not even close. If he can use his speed to string together some combos it’s going to be a long night for Mr. Paul.

Power: Advantage Paul. Jake Paul straight-up has a sled hammer of a right hand. Punching power is god given, either you have it or you don’t. There’s no question he has it. If he catches Tommy with a big right, he won’t get up. That being said, Tommy is no slouch and has demonstrated he too has power.

Footwork: Advantage Fury. Footwork is a critical part of boxing that average fans overlook. It’s how you create different punching angles and move in and out of range. Jake Paul looks like his feet are stuck in the concrete of a freshly poured sidewalk.

Mental: Advantage Paul. This is a big one. Tommy is giving me major mental midget vibes. He already lives in the shadow of his half-brother, Tyson Fury, who will be in the GOAT heavyweight discussion once he retires. His dad, John Fury, isn’t doing him any favors by basically threatening to disown him if he doesn’t win. There’s so much pressure on him to win it’s gotta be weighing on him. Check out this verbal exchange from the last press conference.

Not gonna lie, Tommy looked like a lil bitch here which makes me nervous

Girlfriend: Wash. Both are total babes. Good for them.

How to watch and start time

This Sunday, Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury will be available through ESPN+ or any illegal stream you can find. I refuse to give Jake Paul a dime so I’ve “allegedly” resorted to poor video-quality TikTok live streams. I “allegedly” watched the Anderson Silva fight this way. The evidence would never hold up in court.

If you’re a law-abiding citizen here’s the link:


The main card starts at 1 pm CT and my best guess is the ring walks for the main event will be between 2:30 – 2:45 pm CT. The co-main event is a WBC cruiserweight world title fight Ilunga Makabu vs Badou Jack. I have no idea who the rest of the guys are on the card besides these 2. Badou Jack had one of the worst cuts I’ve ever seen a few years back. I’m pretty sure I saw a glimpse of his skull.

By far the worst cut I’ve ever seen


If the title didn’t give it away, Jake Paul will be fast asleep with his pillow and blanky by the 5th round. I don’t see a scenario where this fight goes the full 10 rounds. Someone is going night night but that someone won’t be Tommy Fury. If this somehow goes the distance it will be one of the worst fights ever. They will be so gassed it will look like the Kimbo Slice vs DaDa 5000 fight. That was like watching 2 corpses fight as Team America puppets. I wouldn’t be the least surprised if one of them could’ve had a heart attack that night.

I’m planning to gamble a scary amount of money on Tommy to win. The current odds on Bettor Edge have Paul as the favorite at -160 and Fury at +160. Do yourself a favor sign up, use the promo code 10K, and put that $20 (plus 4 units) on Tommy. Let’s get rich together. The internet is going to explode once Jake Paul is on the canvas. It’s going to be biblical. Pumped for the memes.

(If Jake Paul wins this fight with another stunning KO I’m going to lose it. He will be able to do whatever he wants forever)