Jamal Murray Is A Loser

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I never would’ve thought that I would dislike a 27-year-old guy from Canada, but shit. That was all before the Wolves began their series against the Nuggets last week. And lo and behold…Jamal Murray comes into our lives. He’s never really given me a reason to dislike him up until this series, but every game he’s making it easier and easier to hate his guts. Here are the reasons why Jamal Murray is a loser.

Game 2

Ok, let’s start with the obvious. The heat pack incident.

Here’s what I think is an Australian guy breaking it down for us.

What a bitch move by Murray. He had been crying and bitching the entire game about the refs so his solution is to try and hurt them? Or someone else? Loser. What if a ref or player slips and hurts themselves on one of those fucking things. These guys are worth millions of dollars and could potentially miss out on the rest of the playoffs and hurt their team if they slip or trip on that stuff. I’ll give Murray credit though. He didn’t think that would ever happen. He’s too busy thinking about how the refs are screwing him over and throwing a temper tantrum to worry about any of that. Prick.

I get being frustrated but to do that is just dumb. Be a pro Jamal. Complain about the refs in your press conference like all the rest of the players.

Also, fuck you, Adam Silver. 100k fine and no suspension? The NBA is obviously in the business of making money and they want their “star” players on the court as much as possible but c’mon! The equivalent punishment to me would be only allowing me to get one donut at the gas station in the morning on the way to work.

The Half Court Shot

Let’s just see it.

What an absolute cluster fuck of six seconds for the Wolves to end the first half in game 4. But let’s get back to the reason Jamal Murray is a loser.

Not even nba.com called it a shot. They call it a HEAVE. When you google the word “heave,” the definition of heave is: “to throw, especially to lift and throw with effort, force or violence.” That all makes sense for a psycho who throws things onto the court during the game. My point here is that he didn’t SHOOT the ball. What happened at the buzzer before the half in game 4 was luck. You throw my fatass out there and I bet I make it 1 out of 100 times. Now he is a professional athlete who has been shooting a basketball for a living so he should make it more but I’m guessing maybe like 3 times out of 100? He got lucky, got in poor Kevin Harlans face, and started acting like some big guy. Looked like a loser to me.

Just calm down Jamal Murray. You’re a good player and I didn’t use to think you were a loser. Just because ANT is the next coming of basketball Jesus and you’re intimidated by him doesn’t mean you have to start acting like an asshole.


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