BREAKING: Jaren Hall Named NFL Rookie of the Year Based on His Opening Drive (Basically) Touchdown


While one of the top stories in the NFL this week was the improbable victory led by known genius Josh Dobbs, he was only the second most notable Vikings QB of the day. Lost in all of the excitement was 5th round rookie Jaren Hall, who showed that he’s the future face of the league with an opening drive that (basically) ended in a touchdown. He has cemented himself at the top of the race for NFL Rookie of the Year.

Hall looked sharp in the pocket, connecting on 5/6 targets for 78 yards. This was good for a passer rating of 118.8 (second in the NFL week 9, [minimum 1 snap]). This had Vikings loyalists on the edge of their seats.

Hall capped this drive off with heroic 3rd and goal run that (almost) made it to the end zone. Unfortunately, this would be the end of his day thanks to a brutal concussion. A heartbreaking end to the debut of the next Tom Brady.

Despite this unfortunate ending, the ensuing field goal tied the game. This undoubtedly setting the stage for the veteran Dobbs to capitalize on the momentum and maintain the victory. It is the work of a great player to get a team in position to win with a quarterback who hadn’t even taken a snap with the team yet. Surely no mere mortal could succeed on such short notice without an amazing start from a generational talent. It’s no wonder that fans are calling for the Stormin’ Mormon to start once he is able.

The Vikings now come home to face the Saints, where they will be without their newfound face of the franchise for another week. Josh Dobbs has shown himself to be a baller. However, you can only assume that the Vikings are itching to call up the (maybe) legend for (probably) more greatness like we saw this week. He is on his way to being crowned NFL Rookie of the Year, and the greatest quarterback of our time.