Javier Baez is as Soft as Charmin Ultra

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Origins of the double thumbs down

The last few weeks, you may have recalled seeing Javier Baez throwing up a set of thumbs down to the crowd after getting on base. If you haven’t, don’t be discouraged. The Mets fucking suck. I don’t watch them either.

Baez was traded to the New York Mets (at his request) to team up with another star in Francisco Lindor. At the time, the Mets were in 1st place in the National League East and seemed to be capable of holding it.

However, in typical Mets fashion, disaster struck. After hitting a home run in his first at-bat as a Met, Baez went cold. The rest of the offense went silent as well. The more Baez and the fucky bunch sucked, the louder the boos got.

Baez, not used to hearing boos while he was with the Chicago Cubs, evidently got super fucking butthurt. Whenever he did something positive for the team, like get on base, he would throw up a set of thumbs down to the crowd as they cheered.

I thought it was funny as fuck at first. Baez just straight up not giving a shit about what the fans thought of him. It only made me like him more! But once I found out it was because he was actually hurt by the boos.. oof.

Per an article from The Athletic, Baez stated that the booing didn’t feel good and that he didn’t like it.

After a little bit of time to really digest the latest saga of Mets drama, I’ve made my decision: Javier Baez is fucking soft. CHARMIN ULTRA SOFT, soft.

The Aftermath

Shortly after Baez explained the meaning behind the thumbs down to the media, Mets President Sandy Alderson released a statement.

Alderson was pretty pissed with Baez and the others who encourage him to do this. He believes the fans have every right to boo, which they do.

You can read Alderson’s full statement below.

Fuck the Mets and Fuck this old bastard

I personally believe Alderson doesn’t give a shit about the thumbs down.

He’s clearly just trying to make sure those crack-pot Mets fans keep spending their hard-earned money on his team, even if it is on $11 beer to wash away the pain of them sucking.

Maybe I’m wrong and he actually cares. Who knows. But I’m sure most of the fans that Alderson is referring to don’t give a fuck if Baez is giving them the thumbs down. They LOVE THAT SHIT. Rattling a player is fucking awesome.

If New York Mets manager Luis Rojas didn’t correct Baez, then what’s the big deal? Let the butthurt man get some “revenge” on the fans.

Alderson is an old-school baseball purist. Anti-fun, like Tony LaRussa, so it makes total sense that he flipped the fuck out over this.

What’s next for Baez?

Considering all the drama and the suckiness on Baez’s end, I don’t believe the Mets will want him back. I can’t say I blame them either.

Baez has been unbelievably bad this year, especially since he’s gone to New York. I think he should focus on playing better if he wants to sign anything close to a $150 million, long-term deal. By playing better, he gets two birds stoned at once: Gets a good contract and gets the fans off of his junk.

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A favorite Ricky-ism (Trailer Park Boys)

I wish for nothing but the best for Baez, but if he’s going to right the ship, he needs to grow some thicker skin. Let the New York fans do what they do best – make asses out of themselves.