Joey Gallo is off to a hot start with the Twins in 2023 and looks to silence the haters.

Joey Gallo’s Revenge Tour is in Full Swing



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When you hear the name, Joey Gallo, you think low batting average and a lot of strikeouts. Personally, I used to compare him to Miguel Sano. Both hit for strictly power, that’s it. No longer will those two be named in the same breath unless you’re talking distance of a home run.

While Gallo seems to have turned a new leaf, what we are seeing now was surely not the case during his tenure with the Yankees and Dodgers from 2021 to 2022. But I was really happy when the Twins signed Gallo to a 1-year, $11 million contract for exactly the reason we’re seeing now. A change of scenery can do wonders for someone and that is exactly what we are seeing right now with Gallo.

We are witnessing the rebirth of a career before our very eyes. Joey Gallo’s Revenge Tour!

Gallo’s Hot Start

Despite landing on the injured list for a bit, Gallo is putting the league on notice that he’s back by producing some eye-popping numbers.

Dan Hayes, Twins writer for The Athletic

As mentioned by Dan Hayes, this is completely sustainable. The only issue is whether or not he hits the baseball and so far, he’s been doing plenty of that. His strikeout percentage (percent of at-bats that end in a strikeout) is still around 30%. However, that would be a career low for Gallo. He is making more contact this year while also not chasing as many pitches outside of the zone.

I think it would be fair to say that Gallo has been the team’s most valuable position player this year. In games that the Twins win, Gallo is slashing .333/.412/.933, which is incredible. This is clearly not sustainable, but it sure as hell has been fun to watch. If it weren’t for Gallo, this club could easily be .500, despite the starting rotation firing on all cylinders (Rocco and his bullpen junkies).

Gallo is Shitting on Yankee Fans

It’s no secret that New York Yankee fans are the most insufferable human pieces of shit in all of sports.

Why Yankee fans are hated

The toxicity of the Yankee fan base can be attributed to the failure of many players. Once a player goes on a cold streak, the jeers begin and seem to never stop. A change of scenery can be beneficial for many!

Gallo was not the first to struggle with the Yankees and he certainly will not be the last. Former well-known players like Ian Kennedy and A.J. Burnett struggled in pinstripes but had great years after leaving.

Breaking free of the chains of toxicity is an amazing feeling for anyone. Regardless of the situation, it does wonders for the human mind, body, and soul. Joey fucking Gallo broke those chains when he inked that deal with the Twins. This absolute piss missile is all the proof you need.

Joey Gallo homers against the Yankees for his 6th home run of the season

I’m damn sure that home run felt very, very satisfying against his former club. Getting out of New York and being able to start fresh was just the thing Gallo needed. Top that with a great hitting coach in David Popkins, the sky is the limit.

The Ultimate “Fuck You”

This newly founded success is the ultimate “fuck you” to Yankee fans and any haters of his out there. Even if Gallo reverts to his old ways (pre-Yankees), this season is a success. That would tell you all you need to know about how fucking awful New York fans can be.

Double Middle Finger from Joey Gallo

My only hope for Gallo is that he knows how appreciated and welcomed he is here in Minnesota already. He joins a list of sluggers that were fan favorites from day 1 (2010 to 2011 had Jim Thome, 2012 to 2014 had Josh Willingham, and more recently, the 2019 to 2021 teams had Nelson Cruz).

The best revenge is massive success, and it appears that Gallo could be drowning in personal success and team success if he keeps this up.