Jordan Addison (and Creed) Have the Vikings ALL THE WAY BACK


We’re back baby!! What a fucking game. Addison. Kirk. Hock. Bynum and a RUN GAME!? WHAT!?

Who would have fucking thought. Now, we’re 3-4 going into Lambeau about to eat Jordan Love’s lunch. After that we may have the easiest schedule in the league. Who’s to say we’re not 8-4 or 7-5 going into the bye week?

Plus, the Lions just got shitpumped by the Ravens. With this in mind we may have a real chance of winning the North again as well as hosting another playoff game come January. We’re all the fucking way back baby.

The Magic of Creed

Remember when I told you last week, we may have found something in Creed, just like the Rangers have? Well, boy did we. Kirk is ripping Creed in the locker room all damn day and the boys could not be more juiced up. The Rangers are in the fucking World Series because of this band. Honestly, I don’t think it’s too far-fetched to say the Super Bowl is out of reach this year. The positive effects of Scott Stapp on a struggling sports franchise will be studied in history classes one day.

Do me a favor and play One Last Breath until the wheels fall off boys.

Morale Booster??

Additionally, I’ve uncovered something that may add an extra morale boost in the locker room and help drive the team to a deeper playoff run…

Enter the trust tree with me here. No bonks.

Does Julie Cousins lowkey have cans? I did NOT see that coming! Please understand that she’s never been bad looking by any means. But seriously, who knew she was hiding those warlocks behind those loose-fitting cardigans all these years?! Every locker room needs a QB with a hot wife and Kirk is pulling his weight here.

Not that I’m one to comment on a lady’s appearance. That would be wrong of me. I’m sure Julie has a great mind and personality. Honestly, she seems like a great wife and mother regardless of her body type! Slay Julie.

Good for her, Kirk and the Vikings. Good for everyone involved!