Josh Dobbs Just Dropped the Greatest Tik Tok of All-Time



♬ original sound – Josh Dobbs

How can you not love this guy? He can run, he can pass, he’s smart, he’s basically an astronaut, and he seems like an all-around good dude who’s leaning heavily into the Creed thing. That’s a five-tool guy if I’ve ever seen one.

Whoever Josh Dobbs’ TikTok guy needs a raise because that’s only going to do good things for his stock as a Vikings QB. Creed equals wins. That’s all there is to it.

I know the Creed narrative has gotten a lot of play lately in the media, but I still don’t think we’re talking about it enough. The things Creed has done for struggling organizations over the past two months are nothing short of biblical.

The Texas Rangers, who at the time were the oldest franchise without a championship, won the World Series right after hopping on the Creed wagon. The Vikings, who are now the oldest franchise without a championship, are 4-0 in the Creed era all while missing our best player and having to play a QB who hadn’t even taken a snap with the team. As a Vikings fan, you have to be all in on Creed now. There’s no more fighting it.

I was on the Creed train early, but now I’m starting to think that Scott Stapp may actually have some sort of mythical powers when it comes to struggling sports franchises. We need to study that man and find out what’s going on in there. Imagine being able to harness all of that power for all of our teams?

By now, there’s no excuse for any other locker room to not have Creed playing before every game. I need the Wild playing during warmups, I want Ant to blast it in his headphones at every shoot-around, and we 100% need a Creed halftime show at some point this Vikings season.

Josh Dobbs’ TikTok guy gets it, Creed is our only hope.