Justin Jefferson

Justin Jefferson: King of the Rookies

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It’s March 16th, and shit has hit the fan. The world is amongst a global pandemic, and everyone is on lockdown. A silent Monday night in a time when usually the sports world is thriving with March Madness, and an Adam Schefter tweet hits of a trade involving our favorite team. Stefon Diggs is traded to the Buffalo Bills for a 1st, 5th and 6th round pick. The reactions were all over, but one question lingered: will the Vikings be able to replace the Miracle Man?

Fast foward 267 days and that answer is getting clearer week by week: our new guy is for real.

The kid from LSU can do it all man. I mean god damn! We saw how good of a route runner he could be when he was catching dimes from Joey Burrow last year, but this is ridiculous to continue at this pace into your rookie year. All while the ever-polarizing Kirk Cousins is distributing you the ball.

But despite the heroic efforts from our star rookie, Sunday’s game was far from pretty. And to be honest? The Vikings probably shouldn’t have won this game either. When you let a shitty 1-win team hang with you because of your own mistakes, you probably deserve to lose. God, I can’t even TELL you how many times games have unfolded like this with the purple. Only us! Another critical mistake from the hands of Kirk Cousins had us in a 2nd half hole at home for the 2nd straight week, and it was time to get the rally caps ready once again.

More Special Teams blunders ALMOST prevented the comeback. This time, Dan Bailey was the culprit of the consistent errors in that god forsaken unit. It got so bad that we got to the 10 yard line in OT and ran more plays because Zim didn’t have full trust in DB to go win it. Oof. But a win is a win.

10K HQ was a very stressed out place yesterday.

Back to JJ: As a #2 option on a run-first football team, our new guy is on pace to put up 80 receptions, 1385 yards and 9 touchdowns! Unbelievable. The spark this young man had brought, along with Dalvin Cook, really has this team moving on the right path. And that path? Currently leads us to Lambeau Field as the #7 seed in the playoffs (if the season ended today, which it doesn’t) Take that, Kyler Murray.

Man I’m not gonna lie, I get a little horny looking at a well-presented playoff picture. If anyone needs me, I’ll be working out a scenario where we go play one of the braindead teams from the NFC East.