Kat and Ant’s Trip to Indiana


Anthony Edwards and Karl-Anthony Towns have been named All-Stars for your Minnesota Timberwolves. This is very well deserved as we currently lead the West. It is time to sing their praise a bit.

What a year it has been so far Wolves fans. It has been mainly ups with a few downs, but overall has been unbelievable. If you told most fans we would be top 3 come All-Star break, they would ecstatic. That is exactly where they are, and a big reason why is our two (should be 3) All-Stars.


I mean what else can you say, Ant is our superstar. He might have single handily saved the Timberwolves franchise. He has been getting a lot of love nationally of late too, which is well deserved. That still doesn’t encapsulate what he means to this team, fanbase and state.

There was just this lack of energy, competitive nature and the cliche “dog” with this team. Ant stepped in and very quickly changed things. It is looking like playoffs for the 3rd year in a row and it is no coincidence this is happening shortly after Ant’s arrival. The highlights this year have been amazing, I’m sure most of you have seen them. The accolades at 22 are already stacking and will continue to do so.

I could go on and on about Ant about how amazing he is, but I think we all know that. I just wanted to put something out there to give our All-Stars a little love. You are averaging 25,5,5 as a 22-year-old. The sky is the limit for Ant, that is saying something considering he is already a star. If he brings us a ring, he will be the best player in our franchise’s history. Let’s make that happen, Ant, for you guys and for the fans. Go get the MVP in Indiana for us AE. After that it’s Finals MVP.


One of the most disrespected and underrated players in the league for years is getting his flowers. The hate is still strong sadly but he is getting some recognition finally. Each year he had All-Star numbers yet people said he needed to win. Now he is doing so and he gets the nod. The true fans know Kat deserves this and how important he is to this team.

A year that started off rocky with Kat trying to find his groove with everyone healthy again. I won’t even lie, I was getting upset early on but so far Kat has quieted a lot of people with his play. The fact that it is translating to winning is even better.

For being a great player and great person, Kat gets probably the most hate In the league. About 99% of it too has nothing to do with his play, it is because he is “zesty” or he changes his voice. If you feel that way it just screams insecurity, sad. They can keep saying this stuff but we all know who Kat is and the player he is. Like at least when I get mad at him it is strictly because of on the court stuff. So, if people want to shit on him, at least bring up things that are happening in the actual game of basketball. Thank you for your time lame Twitter users.

Like, look at this hating ass account. Every year Kat has put up numbers that are worthy of being an All-Star, but we have been bad. That was always the reason he didn’t make it but now that he’s on the other end it’s different of course. Sadly, certain players have different standards. The best part of this tweet is the numbers he is posting are almost identical. They then leave out every other number, which in most important ones Kat is better in. It is just such a stupid tweet and proves people hate Kat and don’t treat him fairly. Be better Twitter bozos.

For real though, Kat really deserves this. He has improved on D and is averaging 23 and 9 shooting over 40% from 3 on the best team in the West. What else can you say whether there are still valid concerns with his game, I’m not going to let that stop me from giving him the respect he deserves. We wouldn’t be here without him.

We all know Big Rudy is deserving too but they wouldn’t let us have 3 All-Stars, no way. Also, the fact Gobert is known for defense played a role too, I’m sure. Up and down this lineup, to the coaching staff, is a reason why we are excelling. So, don’t act like I am only singing praise for Ant and Kat.

I also type this the day Finch could end up being the coach for the All-Star game too. We could end up having 3 representatives technically! Good luck coach, get that win tonight and join your guys in Indiana. It seems meaningless but for a small market team, any exposure is important. Keep putting us on the map. Talk to you soon Wolves Nation! HOWLLLLLL.

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