Kat is Back


Just in time for the postseason, Karl-Anthony Towns steps back on the court for the first time since his meniscus injury. A long-awaited, timely, and needed return for Kat to this Wolves lineup. Will it indeed be a movie yet again?

A chance for Kat to make his return against the Hawks for back-to-back years. That really does sound like what movies are made of. Only partially joking but it is awesome to have him back and in time for the playoffs. It will give him a game or two to shake some rust off, that very well may be important. This team without Kat did well and the offensive numbers looked better but we all know they need him back for a deep run. The massive win against Toronto definitely skewed those numbers but they did move the ball great without him. So it will be interesting to see how it looks with him back and if they adjust quickly.

There are a lot of moments with Kat out where you just wonder who is going to score. There have been a lot of games where someone steps up but they need another 20 pts a night and that is what Kat does. If Mike or Naz isn’t on the offense has gotten very bad, they will need him if they want to make a real run. I can’t wait for him to get back out there tonight and let that thing fly.

A Rough Road

It has been a tough past handful of years for Kat. From a few injuries now to the death of his mother, it always seems to be something with Kat sadly. If it isn’t that, it is people ripping him online for being “zesty” and “fake tough”. Let the man live a little and enjoy the moment. If he has a cringe interview after the game and he is emotional? Just let the man live! He deserves to be happy and he has been nothing but good and loyal to this team and fanbase. Any real fan is rooting for you Kat. We can’t wait for you to get back and do your thing. Lead us to a deep playoff run and maybe even a finals appearance. That once and for all might shut people up.

It is going to be an exciting night and an even more exciting playoff run. Hopefully, it ends up being a long playoff for us and at worst we get that coveted (sad) series win. I want more than a series win but that would be a start for my deprived self and the rest of us fans. Regardless of what happens, buckle up Wolves fans. This is going to be a hell of a ride one way or another and it starts tonight, Kat is back. Let’s Go WOLVES.

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