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Kellen Mond HATES Minnesota – How Can He Fix This?

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Happy Monday, or should I say Happy Mond-Day. By now, you’ve probably seen the old tweets from the Vikings third round daft pick this year. That’s right, our shiny new QB Kellen Mond HATES Minnesota. It’s certainly never a good look to get exposed for hating on a state that drafted you, even if you were only 16 at the time. You can delete a tweet, but screenshots last forever.

Look, we’ve all been 16 once. We’ve all said dumb shit. Minnesotans are certainly used to incoming and young players saying goofy shit they didn’t mean because they were trying to be funny or edgy or whatever. Things look less than ideal for our QB Of The FutureTM but I think we, as Minnesotans, can look past the fact that Kellen Mond hates Minnesota.

Sorry, that should say hateD, past tense. Mond LOVES Minnesota now. After all, he’s got a little over 5 million reasons to love the state now. He’ll get used to the fact that we name snowplows soon enough. In fact, he’ll come to love it. And eventually, we’ll all come to love him. And by eventually, I mean week 2 of this season after Kirk Cousins throws his first pick of the year and Vikings Twitter immediately calls for his head.

Oh shit, it’s already beginning.

Fortunately, I have a solution for Mond to help expedite the process of becoming Minnesota’s next golden boy from Texas. Come on the podcast and own it! Let’s chat, you can explain your side, and then we can all become best friends. Ball is in your court, Kellen. We’d love to have you on the show.