37+ KFAN State Fair T-Shirt Ideas

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Alright so by now I think we know I like to do things in lists of 37. Recently I dropped the 37 best chips. A few months ago was the 37 must-eat foods in Minnesota. Now I’m onto T-shirts for KFAN, but the thing is, I have way more than 37. 56 to be exact. So I’m adjusting my own bit a little bit. Here are 37+ KFAN State Fair T-Shirt ideas. (editor’s note: pray for me)

1. Life is Better with Money on the Line!

If it makes your life easier, you can just click the tweet above and it’ll take you through the entire thread. But you’ll end up missing the + part of the 37.

2. Don’t we all want to be one of Cory’s sources?

3. Who do we root for during the Initials game? (BTW, you can buy the game now at the initialsgame.com)

4. Let’s do some fishing with Common

5. No fries, extra Cove.



8. The best Rocket League team meets the best ice cream spot

9. We could always #KeepHawkErect

10. There’s one fact about Meatsauce we can all agree on

11. Who else wants Paul to make them a pie?

12. There’s not a greasier human on earth than John Kriesel

13. Anyone know where Meatsauce went?

14. “Theeeeeeeeeeeeee”

15. You know what they say about the Big Ticket?


17. Remember Pilot Paul?

18. Or Pom Pom Paul?

19. Or what about Skelsauce?

20. Let’s show Burger King the power of the rubes.

21. Why have one drink at a time when double-fisting is an option?

22. 69696969

23. There’s a line and you’ve crossed it.

24. Let’s pretend it’s a Thursday Night.

25. Heyyyy, show me the Marney!

26. And when is the Hawk & Marney concert tour going to happen?

27. Nobody knows who Carl Gerbschmidt is but maybe somebody wants to take claim.

28. The Party Zone

29. Remember this old bit?

30. Let’s get some Tommy O shirts going.

31. Tommy O-level excitement


33. How drunk are you?

34. Who else wants to buy a house from Mr. Ryman?

35. Yeah, they made a better version of this shirt but I’m sharing it anyway.

36. And that was Meatsauce being hung out to dry by the rest of the Power Trip Morning Show!

37. The new Rocket Man

37.1. Alright so here’s another thread for even more shirts. We’ve made it to the bonus round!


37.3. RIP, ladies.

37.4. Why won’t she just let Cory drink his milk?

37.5. You know what they say about preseason football?

37.6. But if you like more things than preseason football, here’s an option for you.

37.7. I don’t suggest using this system.

37.8. But if you do, here’s your excuse.

37.9. ROSIE!


37.11. Tarth Brooks is queen.

37.12. Chris Hawkey is 100% right.

37.13. Is Hawk crying again?

37.14. It’s always time for the Christmas speech.

37.15. Great question….

37.16. There are two options for the next shirt.

37.17. OR


37.19. Because 69% of Zach Halverson wasn’t enough.

Now, what if I were to tell you I have even KFAN State Fair T-Shirt ideas ready to go? See them when I tweet them @NickLewis37