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Kirill is back, safe and sound

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BREAKING NEWS EVERYONE!!!! Michael Russo at The Athletic just reported that Kirill Kaprizov has officially left Russia and is currently chilling in NYC before he gets to home sweet Minnesota some time tomorrow. This is great news for a lot of reasons. Most important among them, it’s great that Kaprizov won’t be used as a political tool by a sociopathic dictator with a Napoleon Complex. Kirill is back and that’s great news for everyone.

screenshot of text from The Athletic article confirming Kirill is back
Source: The Athletic

Folks, Kirill is back in the US without a soul knowing. It’s not unlike last year, when Kaprizov called Billy G and told him he was in Florida. The circumstances might be different, but the method is the same. And honestly? You’ve gotta respect it. The “sneaking into the country” bit might make it for someone’s Bit of the Week on It’s A Bit. At the end of the day, we’re all happy just he’s safe. The Soviet Savior is a human being first and foremost.

Obviously, this is good news for the Wild’s team on the ice and not just the ticket sales (sigh). Kirill has shattered just about every record he’s been able to shatter so far. Spoiler alert, he’s a really good hockey player. In an era that probably has more superstars than ever before, Kirill’s status as one of the best is not in question.

I’ve said it before on the Wild Takes podcast and I’ll say it again here. I don’t think the Wild are going to win the Stanley Cup this year but I do think they will be legitimate Cup contenders very, very soon. That is in no small part due to Kirill’s continued excellence and status as a legitimate superstar in the NHL.

Brock Faber (left) as a fan celebrating a big Kirill Kaprizov (right) goal.
Kirill Kaprizov (right) partnering with his longtime superfan Brock Faber (left) is part of that.

Anyway, Kirill is back and that’s great news. After this news was announced, I could feel the state of Minnesota’s collective butthole unclench all the way from North Carolina. This video may be from last year, but it’s damn sure relevant once again.

Welcome back, Kirill. Can’t wait for October!!!