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Kirill Kaprizov Calder Celebration!!!

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I love being right. When I wrote Kaprizov’s chances for the Calder were in danger, after Anthony Edwards became the latest Minnesota Rookie to lose his ROY bid to a player who played fewer games, I thought I was being tongue in cheek. There is always that part of any Minnesota Sports fan that expects the worst, but this time, thankfully, I was just being cheeky. Just a few minutes ago, the NHL confirmed what we have known since January 14, 2021. Our beloved Serbian Sniper has won the Calder trophy. So I have just one thing to say…

поздравляю кирилл!!!!

That means Congratulations, Kirill! We all know now that Kaprizov Calder was a lock, we definitely shouldn’t have been worried. I mean, seriously, Jason who?!

For the first time in the Wild’s long and storied history, we can say we have a Calder Trophy winner. This is just the first of many trophies that the Soviet Savior will bring home to Minnesota.

And we’re not the only one’s celebrating this incredible achievement!

I mean, talk about DOMINATION!

Dodging a bullet…or 600

Fortunately, it didn’t come to this, but if the voters had made the wrong choice (like one voter did)… Well, let’s just say we have a secret weapon to unleash. Someone with a particular set of skills. Skills that would have made him a nightmare for voters who didn’t select Kaprizov to win the Calder.

Anthony LaPanta is here to kick ass and grill some Kowalski’s meats. And he’s all out of meat.

And he has backup.

Not sure if Gorg’s shirt or weapon instills more fear into those who would dare screw over Kaprizov

And if all else fails, we do have one more ace up our sleeve.

He has a lot of experience in punishing voters he disagrees with!

But fortunately, this is a non-issue and we can all go about and celebrate for the rest of the night. Now we just wait until Billy G gets our GoFundMe money so Kirill Calder-zov (credit to Wild social superstar Erin for that one) can sign his impending mega extension. Surely he’s earned it after such an incredible performance in a contract year.

So on behalf of everyone at 10K, and in the State of Hockey, CONGRATULATIONS TO KIRILL!!!!!! We’re all so proud of you please come back we love you so much! Hope you catch ALL OF THE FISH on your trip!! And maybe one lizard. 🙂