Ranking The Best Kaprizov Shootout Goals

Hockey Wild

Generational superstar. MVP candidate. Filthy mitts. Sick dangles. Whatever hockey euphemism or adjectives you want to use to describe Kirill Kaprizov doesn’t seem to do his skill and impact justice. I learned 2 things this weekend while watching the Wild play:

  1. They cannot keep a lead.
  2. Kirill Kaprizov is NASTY in the shootout. According to Hockey Reference, Kaprizov is now 6 for 11 in his short career in the shootout. I was stunned to learn that he has only taken 11 shots in 3 years. So I decided to rank his best shootout goals so far.

Bonus Points for anyone who can name all 4 players on the Wild Mount Rushmore.

#6 vs Pittsburgh Penguins

Kaprizov shoots at the 2:13 mark of the video. What looks like such a simple play is so hard at that speed. He lifts the puck so effortlessly. While doing research on this blog you will start to see a pattern with his attempts. It looks as though everything is the same with his coming down the ice and then deciding what to do once he hits the circles.

#5 vs San Jose Sharks

Looks like the same attempt as the one above until the last second. He still goes to the top right corner but this time a quick backhand. Mikko Koivu-esque.

#4 vs Dallas Stars

Slight backhand tease, then flip it top left. So easy. Also, a full “LOL” and the size of Zuccarello’s stick. It might be twice his size.

#3 vs Toronto Maple Leafs

Same move as before. Top cheese. What makes this better than the others is the moment. Matthews just scored for Toronto and he’s playing against other superstars. Does that have any effect on Kap? Absolutely not. Calm, cool, and deposited up and over the goalie’s shoulder.

#2 vs Anaheim Ducks

The play-by-play guys stole my analysis. We haven’t seen this move yet and his skating/edge work is unreal. He holds the backhand fake longer than he ever has and the goalie’s brain must be spinning. Is he really going to hold it that long and go backhand? Maybe he is going to hold the backhand and then flip it top shelf? Or is he maybe going to go 5-hole? Sucks to be a goalie when Kirill is coming down on you 1 V 1.

#1 vs Chicago Blackhawks

This is the best one and it’s not close. Looks like he’s going backhand top shelf. But, like all his other attempts he coolly slides it 5 hole. That must be so demoralizing for the goalie, but it’s Chicago so who cares.