Kirill Kaprizov’s New Goal Song

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Crowd Chant. Let’s Go Crazy. SHOUT! And now introducing the next Minnesota Wild goal song……well not really. I think it’s time for the Wild to let the players have personalized goal songs. The Minnesota Twins (shoutout Joe Mauer who had What You Know by TI for like 15 years) and every baseball team already have personalized walk up songs, so let’s bring that to the NHL.

I don’t know the players personally (yet), but as a Russian there is one thing I do know. Europeans love techno/EDM/house. So without further adieu, I present to you the song that will be blaring after the “Novokuznetsk Nuclear Weapon” Kirill Kaprizov scores a highlight-reel goal in OT.

Play the whole song, but when the beat drops at :35 seconds is where the Xcel Energy Center turns into a Moscow nightclub.

Bonus Russian Music bops for those who enjoyed the song above:

I don’t know what it says about Russian music but one of the most popular songs of all time has an incredible accordion solo to open the song.

Also, anytime you can make fun of Tekashi69 and his nonsense, I’m on board.

So yeah, make it happen Wild. Let’s make this Kirill Kaprizov’s new goal song and turn the X into Little Novukuznetsok’s Hottest Club! We won’t hear it during Matt Boldy and Marco Rossi’s debut game tonight, but the Wild are home against another big time Russian this weekend… it would be perfect timing. Just saying.