Kirk Cousins Replacement Options If He’s Stuck In COVID Protocols Or Dies Or Something

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*Disclaimer – I don’t care who has and hasn’t had their covid vaccines. This is about football. The way god intended it.*

The Vikings may find themselves in a little bit of a fucking pickle as we near the beginning of the NFL season.

The current QB1 of the Vikings has made it clear that he really doesn’t have an interest in receiving the COVID vaccine. We are aware of his stance on the subject. We remember when he made headlines with the “If I die, I die” quote from last season.

Honestly, this is all just……Classic Kirk.

This past week Kellen Mond tested positive for COVID this week and as result, himself and Cousins had to sit out for almost a week. The reason folks (read: Zimmer) are freaking out is because, unlike when half the Wild got COVID, the NFL is just making you forfeit if you can’t play your game. Jokes and serious stuff aside… officially, it only affects the team on the football field and the organization and myself have started to panic just a little bit.

The Hopeful Choice – Well…Kirk Cousins

kirk cousins

Everyone has had their opinions on Kirk Cousins as our Quarterback the past couple years. Some good, some bad. I’ll admit I’ve been one of those people. He really has put us on a roller coaster of emotion, but there’s no denying that he gives this team the best chance of winning eight games…MAYBE lose in a wild card game. Fuck off, it’s probably true.

Kirk has been a fairly healthy Quarterback while he’s been in Minnesota and hopefully we got this little hiccup out of the way early and we don’t need to deal with this shit or injuries in general anymore this season. That is asking a lot…especially for the Vikings. But a boy can dream. Fingers crossed. Just want someone who can get the ball to Jefferson.

The Obvious Choice (maybe) – Kellen Mond

kirk cousins backup kellen mond
Quarterback Kellen Mond (11) during the Minnesota Vikings rookie minicamp at Twin Cities Orthopedics Performance Center in Eagan, Minn. on Friday, May 14, 2021. (Craig Lassig / Special to the Pioneer Press)

You can’t blame someone for getting COVID but unfortunately that’s the reason why we’re talking about this at all.

Hopefully the Vikings have learned a god damn lesson here and won’t jeopardize our top two quarterbacks by having them hanging out all the time together. Maybe they’ll put up some plexiglass like Kirk Cousins wants. Going forward I would be shocked that if either of them were to test positive again that they would both need to be put into the COVID protocols. It is the Vikings though…so let’s not put it past us.

Although Mond is an unproven rookie, we can’t forget that with Dalvin Cook and several weapons at receiver he still gives this team a decent chance of winning. You never know, maybe we got something special with Mond and something fucking goofy like COVID protocols is just what this team needs to turn the tides in a odd and winning direction.

The Backup Backup Choice – Jake Browning

Who? Exactly.

Don’t be fooled by that person who claims that they knew who Jake Browning was before this week. You’ll always have that friend or coworker at happy hour that says they’ve been following this guy since he was at Washington and that he looked good at camp this week. This all may be true…but we all googled this guy once he was the only Quarterback the Vikings had a month a way form the season starting. Don’t be that guy.

Jake Browning truly is a backups backup. He’s a great story right now, to take us away form the disaster of reality…but the reality for him is that he may not even make the team. If shit really hits that fan and he’s starting at any point in the regular season… it would be both entertaining and excruciatingly painful to watch.

The “We’re Actually Trying, Let’s Make A Trade” Choice – Mitch Trubisky

A lot of people will fucking hate this take. (Editor’s note: I fucking hate this take)

If Cousins is out. You don’t think Mond is ready to take the reigns quite yet. All you have is Jake Browning? Why the hell not?

He’s a former starter in the NFC North that was seen all the defenses before and has a lot of NFL experience. Everyone, including Chicago fans, used to just SHIT on Mitch Trubisky. Maybe it was rightfully so, but that means he could deal with all of us passive aggressive assholes up here.

He’s one the better QB2’s in the league with a team that would probably be completely fine with trading him. Especially to a team in the other conference. He may not be the best option, but he is indeed an option.

One Thing We Can All Agree On…COIVD Can Fuck Right Off. SKOL!