Kirk Cousins Chains

Kirk Cousins Gets His Revenge And Likes It!

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All this Vikings team does is stack W’s. Another close victory in a 20-17 effort saw the Vikings get gritty and tough when it mattered most. The MVP of the game was our lord and savior, the great #8 Kirk Cousins. After going thru the typical 1st drive TD, the offense stalled. But he and the boys figured it out. Hell, Kirk even got roughed up enough to leave the game for 1 (one) play. At the end, Kirk gets his revenge on his old squad, and the vibes were high postgame.

Even THE OWNER, sir Zygi Wilf got in on the postgame locker room celebration. This team is so much fucking fun.

The clip that’s getting ALL the buzz is our captain Kirk donning all the chains. Shirtless. I mean, you can’t even make up the antics anymore.

Ladies, You Like That?!

A lot to unpack here! If you told me in preseason that Kirk would be dancing shirtless with chains on, I would have laughed in your face. Goes to show you that literally anything can happen in the NFL. And Kirk being absolutely RIPPED? That stunned me. But c’mon he’s a pro football player, why wouldn’t he be jacked?

He is wearing literally everyone’s chain, and I’m 100% here for it. Word on the street is that the defense is getting him his own chain. Lord knows Julie wouldn’t let him spend the extension money on a chain. The glasses on while he’s having the time of his life fucking kills me. This is the Kirk Cousins we need heading into Buffalo next week. He even had to hit them with the “You like that?!” in the postgame breakdown!

In other words, I fucking love what this Vikings team has become this season. In Kirk Cousins we trust.