KOC Is Gonna Be The GOAT Of Head Coaching

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Since their inception in 1961, the Vikings franchise has always had an enigmatic leader as their coach. From the early days of the great Bud Grant, all the way up to Zimmer. Each coach had their moments, good and bad. Now, a new regime is upon us in the KOC era, and I can’t be anymore excited. 

Long have the Vikings needed a coach that can be an offensive specialist. I’m still a firm believer in that defense wins championships. But that ain’t really working anymore as a whole in the NFL. Nowadays, if you have the OP offense and a D that can hold up (that’s what she said!), you can win a title. We saw what it did for KOC and McVay. 

Never mind the fact that our new coach is young and with the shit. Look at our guy, just slinging dots to JJ before practice. What a sight to see. If Zimmer tried to do this, he would have thrown out his damn shoulder. Or given himself more eye issues starring into the sun. 

The mood coming into the season was that the team needed a refresh in commanding faces. And boy did we fucking get it. I know it’s still super early, but things are looking so much brighter already.