kyle rudolph embarrasses the saints

Kyle Rudolph: The Most Minnesotan Non-Minnesotan

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The Vikings cut Ohio native and Indiana educated Tight End Kyle Rudolph. I hope my bit at 10K is not writing the “this fan-favorite player isn’t on the team anymore” obituary blog forever, but if it is… I humbly accept. Kyle Rudolph was a really solid TE and a goddamn incredible human being.

Kewistch fucking nailed that the one thing Rudy is missing is that patented Minnesotan pessimism.

Listen, if you didn’t see this coming you might want to go to an optometrist. I like Kyle Rudolph a lot, he’s been good for the Vikings for over a decade, but his contract didn’t match his production. This was the definition of a cap casualty.

The Vikings are projected to be about 10 million over the cap, a little more than 13 if you count the requirements to sign all the team’s 2021 draft picks. Saving 5 Stacks will go a long fucking way to allow us to field a competitive roster.

I have long been the guy to defend player salaries. I know it’s the Minnesota WayTM to shit talk players for taking shit loads of money from the team owners, but I do get it. In a cap crunched world, there’s only so much the team can do. Vikings Twitter legend Nick Olson recently had a great thread about the Vikings cap situation where he outlined possible moves the Vikings can do to handle their cap space if you’re looking for someone smarter than me who didn’t write this blog at 1 am on 3 hours of sleep.

Kyle Rudolph helps the Vikings embarrass the fuck out of the Saints for the second time in three years.
We all remember this beautiful moment.

Furthermore, In Conclusion…

Look, at the end of the day, I get why Rudy was cut. Rudy made too much money for not enough production, and the Vikings wanted to allow him to control his future, although hopefully he doesn’t use his new team to try and tamper with the NBA.

We wish the best for Rudy and his wonderful presence in Minnesota. Check out Kyle’s piece in The Player’s Tribune, if you weren’t moved by how much he loves the Vikings, you have no soul. Plain and simple. In conclusion, here’s a toast to the best Rudy of Notre Dame.