Kylie Irving is a Minnesota Wild fan.

Kyrie Irving’s a Minnesota Wild Fan

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Who forgot to tell me that Kyrie Irving loves the Minnesota Wild? I had to watch an NBA playoff game to figure out they were his favorite team of all time. Who would’ve guessed the Australian-born, New Jersey-raised basketball prodigy was a die-hard MN puck fan? You’d think someone in his position would be more focused on watching basketball. Well, I guess if you had that many off days during a season, and likely a pretty sweet TV subscription, you could really dive into anything. Turns out our guy Kyrie chose the Minnesota Wild.

The Proof:

Not only does he love this team, but he’s also showing a borderline obsession. I know he rewatches the games and incorporates different tips and tricks into his own arsenal. The smooth dangling, sharpshooting, and pinpoint passing looks a little too much like Minnesota hockey to be a coincidence. However, Kyrie’s game wasn’t what made me realize the Minnesota Wild were his favorite team. No, no, no. Kyrie copied a Wild player’s signature move to a “T” against the Boston Celtics yesterday.

After beating the Cavs to clinch the 7th seed last Tuesday, Kyrie must’ve gotten home, flipped the DVR on, and examined the tape of the Minnesota Wild absolutely dog walking the Edmonton Oilers. If you don’t remember, Ryan Hartman had the night of his life in the 5-1 win. Kyrie had to have reviewed those clips thousands of times because he executed Hartman’s moves to perfection.

The Execution:

MIRROR IMAGES! Slightly more than 90 degrees of elbow flexion. Fists more tightly bound than Tigers after dropping a put to win the Masters. Middle fingers straighter than George himself. Faces filled with an equal mix of smug and petty. Kyrie flipped a bird with the precision only someone who’s watched the Hartman clip about a million times could. And believe me, I think Ryan will be proud of Irving’s effort. Maybe even a little flattered Kyrie’s modeled his game so closely. Once I saw Kyrie rip that bird right in the face of the home crowd, I was almost certain he’s a Minnesota Wild fan for life.

The Expansion:

Luckily, I didn’t need to wait long for absolute confirmation.

Not minutes after, Kyrie threw his own spice on the Hartman special. And oh my was it spicy. The behind-the-back, double barrel, oscillating bird bomb Kyrie tossed at that man’s soul had zero regard for human life. Only a Minnesota Wild fan could’ve pulled it off. Specifically, one who’s the ultimate diehard.

It’s too bad I had to wait so long to learn Kyrie Irving’s a Minnesota Wild fan. However, the beauty of seeing a fan put his favorite player’s moves into action, especially at the pro sports level, will be something I never forget. Now get out there and buy a bird shirt before Kyrie takes them all.