LA Rammed The Vikings Playoff Hopes To Hell

NFL Vikings

If You Expect Disappointment, Then You Can Never Really Get Disappointed

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Well folks, I think I’m hearing something. Sounds like the big ladies are warming up for the finale. If you watched any of the Vikings dreadful loss to the LA Rams, you could see the typical demons at work. The same bullshit that has plagued us all season: miserable play-calling, an inability to capitalize on turnovers, giving up points late in the half, and having the juice. A wise man once said, the juice is temporary but sauce is forever. Today, the Rams had the A1 sauce, and we we’re stuck with the equivalent of watered-down Caffeine-Free Diet Pepsi.

🚨 And now I present to you, the stat of the week that shows you how much we suck.


What’s That Smell? Oh Yeah, The Fan Is On

This season had been a long drag. So sometimes, you have to do things out of routine to get pumped up. Mike Zimmer had that idea, and he decided to get the boys pumped up pregame, which has never happened before?

What’s most interesting to me is, why now with the pregame shit? You’ve never done it before, and Zim doesn’t seem like that type of coach. As the game went on, the proof was in the pudding; the Vikings just didn’t have the balls to do anything. Postgame comments is where things got really interesting:

The Barr comments really got me. Christmas hangover?! Bro! Y’all come out flat every game, don’t fucking turn this on us! Can’t cheer for anything if we’re losing. I respect 55, who had a hell of a game, but that was a little off-base to me. The JJ comments were interesting too, seeing as his side goes opposite of what Barr said. The biggest bomb was his shot at the play-calling postgame.

Yeesh. Things are getting weird in here now. With 2 games to go and an 11% chance to make the playoffs, it’s gonna be a lousy last two weeks of the season. But, not all is gloom and doom in the land of purple and gold. Our very own Journalist Jake made it to the big time on the Jumbotron today: